Westphal enjoys Lincoln

It was a Junior Day which means the players that will-be seniors are the main visitors. This past weekend, Nebraska had what they called "Big Red Weekend" which was a new junior day that Nebraska hasn't had before. There were a few top sophomores or juniors to be in Lincoln as well with one of them being this top 2014 cornerback.

Parrker Westphal was in pretty select company this past weekend in Lincoln. The standout, 2014 junior-to-be made the trip to Nebraska's junior day, Big Red Weekend. Westphal said that it wasn't a terrible drive.

"We took off on Friday," Westphal said. "We drove. It's about a nine hour drive from where I am from. We drove home that night and got home about 6:00 in the morning."

Westphal got into Lincoln on Friday night, but didn't actually get over to the stadium until early Saturday afternoon. He said that he spent a lot of time with the other recruits and spoke to a lot of the other coaches.

"It started at 2:00 and we were there from the start. We hung out the most in the players' lounge. We were there talking to the other recruits and we talked to the coaches there too."

Westphal said that there was a trio of coaches that he spent the most time with. All of the coaches passed along the message to Westphal that he was wanted, by the whole staff, and he also heard about how much they liked Nebraska.

"I talked the most with Coach Terry Joseph, Coach J.P. (John Papuchis) and Coach Bo Pelini. They all told me how much they would love to have me at Nebraska. They also told me how great of a place it was."

The facilities were something that Westphal underestimated. It was tough to guess how great they might be, even knowing that they would be great going in, but it's clear that the facilities exceeded Westphal's expectations.

"I knew that the facilities were great, but they were top-notch. I just tried to take it all in. Their academic center was nice, it was brand new. The Ndamukong Suh weight room was unreal."

There was something else that caught Westphal off-guard. The city of Lincoln wasn't something that he expected and he said that the visit to Nebraska compared well with another visit to another Big Ten school.

"I expected farm land. I didn't expect Lincoln to be that big of a city. It was a really nice town. Nebraska was very similar to Michigan when I visited there.

"The visit to Nebraska was probably about an "8". If there was one thing that could have been better it would have been more one-on-one time with the coaches to talk."

Westphal was in elite company this past weekend. There were some of the top seniors-to-be left on Nebraska's board as well as some of the top juniors that Nebraska has already extended offers to as well.

"I think that I was just one of three juniors there. The other two were Cedric Collins and Peyton Newell. We were the only juniors that were there that weekend."

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