So good, he doesn't even know

For a young man that admits himself he has a ways to go, the attention is fierce. For a standout that says he hasn't done that much to stand out, the offers are pouring in. Heck, this is a kid that will tell you that he hasn't even come close to his physical potential, but some of the biggest names in college football have evidently seen enough already that if you think Calvin Darity hasn't even scratched the surface of what he can do, you got one potentially scary player in the works.

Without seeing the film, you are going to look at Calvin Darity's measurements and ask yourself, what you are missing. And, when you find out that his bench is just over 300 and his squat, around 400, you might ask yourself that again, take a second glance and ask it again, just to be sure.

Make no mistake that Darity isn't about stats on paper, because offensive linemen are often quite unnoticed if that's your only reference. What you need is film, just what other schools have used to judge what this young man can do.

That has equated to offers from some of the biggest names in college football, Florida, Florida State, Nebraska and USC, just to name a few. It's what you don't see, because you can't see that has driven this young man's name up the charts as one of the best linemen in the entire country.

Darity hasn't even noticed. In fact, the only thing he thinks about right now is getting better, concentrating on that strength department first. "All the coaches have told me that the next level, you have to be strong, especially for my position." Calvin said. "It's not so much about speed as it is strength."

Also, to listen to Darity talk about his strengths, you again have this need to see his film, because Calvin certainly isn't letting anyone in on anything the schools see, because all he sees are ways to get better. "I am pretty good at pass-blocking, but one thing I really need to work on is keeping my feet better in run-blocking." he said.

Calvin is trying to put it all into perspective, but modesty seems to be a pretty ingrained trait. "People must think I am a pretty good athlete." Darity said of why he thinks he's got offers from some of the best in the country. "For me though, I don't know."

Don't misunderstand this young man on his ability or even realization of that ability, but as you are used to hearing about most kids and how they have grown up, watching such and such team, wishing and dreaming that, that particular player could be them, such is and wasn't the case for Darity. Point of fact, he hardly watched sports at all. "I just played sports, I didn't really watch it." Cavlin said. "I always liked the game, so I did it to be active."

It might surprise you even more about a young man that seems to be full of surprises that amongst how has looked at the game, he continues to look at the game far different than most any other aspiring football player out there. "The education is the most important thing to me." Calvin said. "I have played football most of my life and it's just a fun way to play sports and stay active, but the education is why I am there."

Some athletes who have busted their humps all their lives to get just one offer from any school might be angered at such a statement. A young man that is obviously quite gifted, though with an obvious affection for playing the sport, isn't necessarily in love with the sport itself, nor does he obsess about being the best ever, getting to the next level beyond college and just about anything else. For him, it's a game, one he enjoys, but it's not the end-all-be-all of who and what Calvin Darity is.

With all this in mind, you can guess as to the baseline criteria for Darity in that it will be education first. There does however exist some actual football-criteria for Calvin. "I think I will probably try to find the program that fits best what I do right now." he said of his team's offense. "We run like option, power and stuff like that, so something close to that."

If you want the short-version of Calvin's list, you better stand in line. He's got a reported 10+ offers, but again, from some of the elite programs in the country and he'll be the first to say that he doesn't have a clue as to what he wants to do, because typical to the type of person he is, the research hasn't been done. "I haven't really put myself in the mind-set where I have had a chance to look at these schools." Calvin said. "I'm not sure when I will take my visits or what will happen during the season, because you don't don't know."

"Right now, I am just taking it as it goes and not trying to think about it too much, because I really need to sit down and study the schools."

Studious would describe Calvin, on and off the field. When describing what goes through his mind she he sees a linebacker to block that doesn't see him, you get what is for him, an expected response. "My coach always told me that when you pull up in the hole, if there is anyone there, you hit them and that's what I do." he said. "If someone gets in my lane, I just aim for them and go and hit them."

There is one thing that is typical to what most recruits think, one state of mind that you could consider in the majority and that's when he plans on making his decision. It's not about time, rather it's about feeling and when "that" feeling comes. "I'll probably decided when it feels right." Calvin said. "After talking it over with my parents and coaches and have told them that's what I want to do, that's probably when I will make my decision."

What can you say about this young man other than he screams potential? Calvin would appear to be his own biggest critic when it comes to assessing what he can do, so you have to look at the offers from some pretty good schools to determine that for yourself. Well, you see them and if Calvin isn't even close to what he can do, whether this young man looks at the sport as a "must" or not, most schools will probably be looking at him that way well before his final season is over.

Such raw talent, Darity is already a big name. Imagine what he will be like in the future. Most are already starting.  

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