Package deal?

Big Red Weekend was a success. There were two commitments that Nebraska immediately reeled in, but the bigger picture is what do the other recruits think about Nebraska that were also in town? Devante Kincade was trying to get to Lincoln last weekend. He's heard a lot about the trip from team mate Cedric Collins and the two are talking about going to Nebraska together.

Devante Kincade was trying to get to Lincoln last weekend to visit Nebraska, but the standout quarterback from Dallas (Texas) Skyline didn't work it out with his possible transportation in time. He says that there could be another visit in the works for this summer.

"Cedric Collins didn't know that I wanted to go visit Nebraska," Kincade said. "He took off without knowing. I told him that the next time he goes to visit Nebraska that I am going to go with him."

Kincade is a 2013 player while Collins is a 2014 recruit. Age aside the two are friends who feed off of each other in practice trying to become better players.

"We are pretty good friends actually. We're in different grades, but we're close. We are great team mates and we improve each other. It's great playing against him every day. He's a big time player."

Collins told Kincade about the trip and said that he liked it in Lincoln. That's when the conversation turned to the two of them taking their talents to Nebraska together. Kincade said that he would like to visit Nebraska before making a decision and visit preferably on a weekend when Collins can go.

"He told me that it was fun. He really enjoyed the visit up there. In fact the other day working out he asked me if I would go to Nebraska with him. I told him that I would need to get a visit together to make sure we were both cool with it."

Kincade says that he's been working out. He wanted to try and add polish to all areas of his game to get ready for his senior year. He has a couple of plans this summer along with seven on seven.

"I have the Elite 11 and the Gridiron Challenge this summer. That's about it. We do seven on seven with my school, but we don't go against anyone. One of our big time players got hurt a couple of years ago."

Bryan Munson has worked with Big Red Report for 10 years covering recruiting and football and has covered Nebraska recruiting for 12 years.
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