Down to two

One of the top players in the Midwest has been doing a recent round of trips to his top trio of schools. Who made the cut and who got cut?

Jerel Morrow has been generating a lot of talk after a recent round of unofficial visits to Nebraska, Oklahoma State and Kansas State. Morrow has had some time now and has eliminated one school from contention.

"I am down to Kansas State and Oklahoma State," Morrow said. "I have been thinking about it and I knew about a week after visiting Nebraska and the other schools."

Morrow says that there were really two things that set both Oklahoma State and Kansas State apart from what he saw at Nebraska. He said that the people, including the coaching staff, as well as overall comfort was the biggest difference.

"It was really the people at the other schools and the staffs that set them apart. I just felt more comfortable at Kansas State and Oklahoma State."

Good news for Cowboy and Wildcat fans to say the least, but the best news could be coming at any moment. Morrow says that he will be announcing his decision soon, but doesn't have an exact date when he will be announcing.

"I am planning on committing pretty soon, but I don't have an exact time that I want to commit by. It will be soon though."

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