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The summertime is not a down time for football players. Most are one to two months out before their season starts up and it's time to get ready. D.J. Foster knows this and he is just entering his junior season at Lincoln (Nebr.) Southeast. What has he learned at the camps he's been to so far and what will he be working on specifically this summer?

D.J. Foster from Lincoln (Nebr.) Southeast is likely top junior in the state of Nebraska and he's been busy hitting the camps. He had a chance to camp in Lincoln, but he's also hit Tuscaloosa and Madison as well.

"I camped at Nebraska for their second session," Foster said. "I went to camps at Alabama, Wisconsin and I went to a Nike Football Training camp too. There is an underclassman challenge I might go to, but I don't know if I can attend."

Foster said that he Nebraska camp was helpful for him when it came to cleaning up his pass pro. He knew going in that he needed some work and that's exactly what Nebraska worked with him on the most.

"Nebraska definitely helped me with my hand placement and my first two steps off the ball. That is what we worked on, pass protection, my first two steps and then hand placement. It was really helpful."

The trip to Alabama might surprise some people because of where Foster lives now, but he's originally from Alabama. He said that it was a good camp at Alabama, but he didn't get a lot of direct coaching from the Alabama coaches. There were volunteers there to help out who he worked with the most.

"I am from Alabama originally and they split us into 12 different groups. We worked a lot together and did a lot of one-on-one stuff. I didn't get too much feedback from the Alabama coaches, but there were some volunteers there that helped me with some of the same things that Nebraska did."

There might be a combine for Foster in the future this summer, but he is still working out trying to get ready for his junior year. He's going to get a chance to play more and it's something that he knows will take effort from him now to be ready to do this season.

"This summer I am trying to improve my conditioning. I will be playing both ways next year and I am also trying to get faster, more agile and I know that going both ways will be something that I have to be prepared to do."

The opportunity to play defense is something that Foster is obviously excited about. He doesn't think that any colleges are really interested, or would be more interested, in him on defense as opposed to offense. That doesn't mean that he won't be a solid piece to a defensive line for Southeast this fall.

"Oh it's definitely something that I am excited about. I love defense. I love hitting people. I also love protecting the quarterback and getting the pancake. I love both sides of the ball.

"I am being looked at to play offense in college. I don't think that anyone really wants me to play defense. I don't feel that it's a weakness, but I just don't know if a school would want me on that side of the ball over offense."

Foster picked up an offer from Nebraska back in April earlier this year. It was a very early offer and while it was his first it remains his only too. "I just have the offer from Nebraska. I am just waiting. I have a lot of time."

Bryan Munson has worked with Big Red Report for 10 years covering recruiting and football and has covered Nebraska recruiting for 12 years.
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