Stanton checks out Nebraska

Nebraska made a positive impression on Johnny Stanton the first time he was able to visit, but there were a lot of things that he didn't get to see. So, Stanton was back in Lincoln again this week to really check out two specific things. How did this visit to Nebraska go and what is left for Stanton this summer?

From the way it looks Nebraska was able to receive one of the last two visits from Santa Margarita (Calif.) Catholic quarterback Johnny Stanton. Stanton was just in Lincoln weeks ago, but came back to see some of the things that he didn't see on the first time around.

"I had a great visit to Nebraska," Stanton said. "I really had two goals for this trip. One, I wanted to meet some of the players and two, I wanted to see the campus. I was able to do both.

"I spent a lot of time with incoming freshmen Jordan Westerkamp and Tommy Armstrong as well as Taylor Martinez. I had a great conversation with Martinez."

Stanton says that he has been communicating with Martinez already coming into the visit yesterday mostly because Stanton knows Taylor's brother, Drake Martinez, who is at a neighboring high school. The two talked about the acclimation from California to Nebraska.

"I had been texting with him before the visit and I really wanted to get a feel for his thoughts on Nebraska. He told me that Nebraska was a great fit for him. We also talked about the transition that I would have to do from California to Nebraska."

With Big Red Weekend and summer camps in the books it's probably hit and miss for the Nebraska staff to be in the offices because of vacation. Two coaches were out of the office, but Stanton was already expecting that coming in. He said that he did spend time with two coaches that he didn't talk to a lot on his previous trip.

"Coach Fisher and Coach Beck were both gone on vacation, but I talk to them a lot over Facebook and on the phone. The two coaches that I didn't have a lot of time with on my first visit was Coach Bo Pelini and Coach Barney Cotton. They were the two I spent the most time with."

In Lincoln yesterday and seeing another Big Ten school tomorrow, Stanton says that he might be getting ready to see his last school for the summer. Stanton was boarding a plane when he was talking with for that last, scheduled visit then back home for practice and seven on seven.

"I am actually getting on a plane right now heading to Wisconsin. I am flying to Milwaukee and then driving to Madison. After that I am probably done. We have practices starting up and seven on seven will be going too."

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