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Recruiting won't peak for months for DeShone Kizer and already it's been a little crazy. The 6-foot-5 and 205-pound quarterback from Toledo (Ohio) Central Catholic says that he didn't anticipate that it would be "this way" after just his sophomore year, but that really speaks to his abilities on the football field. What is he doing this summer and which schools is he planning on visiting?

A name that people need to become familiar with when it comes to 2014 recruiting is DeShone Kizer. Kizer, a 6-foot-5 and 205-pound quarterback from Toledo (Ohio) Central Catholic, has been putting in some work this summer. That work has included throwing with a high school alum that is currently in the NFL right now.

"The summer is going good," Kizer said. "Everything has been great. I am working out at the school on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. On Tuesday and Thursdays I get a group of guys together and we throw.

"Last Tuesday and Thursday I had Dane Sanzenbacher who plays for the Chicago Bears and went to Ohio State worked out with me. Dane is a legend when it comes to Toledo sports. He went to my school and he's been in town the past couple of days after spring training. He wanted to get some workouts in."

The experience and the information that Sanzenbacher has shared with Kizer, he says, is invaluable. There are things that Kizer will be working on as a junior in high school that college and professional coaches look for and work on with their quarterbacks.

"He would help me out on some routes that I need to work on and we just go over a few things when it comes to timing and things that coaches want to see at higher levels. It's really a blessing to be able to work with a guy that knows what he's talking about and he's passing down the information that he knows to me."

Kizer has been to a couple of camps this summer and he has another one coming up later this month. He also has an unofficial visit set up after that before fall camp opens up for him and his team.

"I went to camps at Ohio State and Michigan. I think that I am going to go to Friday Night Lights at Ohio State on July 27th. I think that I will take an unofficial visit to Michigan State at the end of July also."

Kizer isn't quite up to a double-digit offer total, but you have to keep this in perspective. He has only completed his sophomore season and already there have been times that the process has been overwhelming to him. There is no sign that any of it will slow down anytime soon.

"I think that it's eight offers. The process has been shocking and overwhelming. I didn't expect the level of my recruiting to this high this early. I figured that it would be this way at the end of junior year after a good year with solid stats.

"The fact that it's this way now and I haven't really shown my best abilities yet is really special. I know once I step my game up and correct some of the mistakes I made as a sophomore I really hope that the sky is the limit.

"It's really overwhelming though because I am getting calls everyday from new people that want to talk and want to do a story or there is a new coach that wants to come in and meet you. You really have to put everything else to the side and concentrate on them and focus."

While Kizer is a couple of years away from having to enroll in college he's already given thought to what he's looking for in a school. He says that he wants to join a team that is already playing at a higher level and are looking to make that next step to national championships. He is also looking for a home away from home.

"Football tradition is definitely number one. I am also looking for a great coaching staff. I want to be with guys that I want to work with and will keep me on my toes. Academics are big to me and my family too. The last thing is the social life. I want to be comfortable and feel like I am at home."

Nebraska is one of the eight schools to extend an offer to Kizer and he says that there is a link from him back to one of the coaches at Nebraska. Kizer likes Nebraska and considers them to be one of the top schools on his list at the moment.

"I got the offer from Nebraska at the beginning of June. Nebraska is definitely one of the top schools on my list right now. Their football tradition is at the top with the other great football programs that you throw out there.

"I am pretty sure the reason the reason that I got this offer is because of a coach on their staff named Vince Marrow who is on their staff. We always kept in touch from when he was a coach here in the area."

Marrow is a name that Nebraska fans didn't correlate to recruiting much until the evaluation period this spring. Marrow has been big in Ohio with ties back to Courtney Love and Marcus McWilson. Kizer says that there are a lot of reasons why Marrow is an effective recruiter.

"He's do down to earth. He will just tell you like it is. He will joke around with you, and he's a professional guy, but you can just have a conversation with him. You can give him a call and it won't just be business. He will tell you like it is.

"He will tell you ‘That 2.0 GPA you have right now is not very good'. He's just going to tell you. He's not going to sugar coat it. He's a good guy to talk to because he just tells you like it is."

Nebraska will have to wait until next year to host Kizer it seems. He's focused on really hitting the area schools before his junior year and then take a look at the schools again after his junior season to figure out where he would like to visit.

"I am just going to hit the local schools this summer like the Ohio State's and Michigan's around here. From there, as junior I will start to take some more trips to schools that are further away."

Kizer had 1,200 passing yards and 10 TDs as a sophomore. Besides Nebraska, Kizer is also holding offers from Boston College, Bowling Green, Illinois, Kentucky, Louisville, Syracuse and Toledo.

Bryan Munson has worked with Big Red Report for 10 years covering recruiting and football and has covered Nebraska recruiting for 12 years.
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