11 offers for Hilliman

One of the top running backs in the country for 2014 will undoubtedly be Jonathan Hilliman from Jersey City (N.J.) St. Peter's Prep. Hilliman is already at 11 offers and has some trips set up for him this summer for unofficial visits. Where will he be visiting?

Jonathan Hilliman is a name that recruiting fans need to learn know. The 2014 running back from Jersey City (N.J.) St. Peter's Prep will likely be one of the most sought after running backs in the country next year, but he will start making some trips this summer.

"I am setting up a few visits," Hilliman said. "I am trying to get to Rutgers, Boston College and Penn State. I should be pretty busy this summer."

Hilliman is attacking the summer. He has a regime down that he rotates between hitting explosiveness drills every other day, but working on his speed and flexibility every day this summer.

"I wanted to get better explosiveness. I do explosive training every other day and I do speed and flexibility pretty much every day."

It's interesting to listen to a running back describe their style of running. Some incorporate other running backs into their description, but not Hilliman. He breaks it down at every level of the field.

"I would say that I am downhill runner that can be elusive at the second level and the speed to break away from the defense to separate myself."

There is already a double-digit offer total on the table for Hilliman and while he just finished his sophomore year, where he ran 58 times for 426 yards and four touchdowns, he already has some idea of what he is looking for in a college.

"I am up to 11 offers right now. Academics are big for me, first off. I want to be on top of my grades as well as sports. Second it's the program and how well they produce players to the next level.

"Location isn't a big deal to me. Another thing that I am looking at is coaching staff. If I am going to be there four to five years I want to know who I am playing for and am comfortable. Lastly campus life; I want to be able to enjoy myself."

If you look at the schools that Hilliman will be visiting this summer and read that location isn't a big deal you could get confused. Hilliman is just starting this recruiting process and will make more trips, but a school like Nebraska shouldn't worry about the distance between them and Jersey City, N.J.

"It's not a big deal. Nebraska is a very good football program and school as a whole. I am very interested in Nebraska, but I would say that about all of the schools at this point. It's wide open to everyone at this point."

Hilliman didn't know who was recruiting him from Nebraska, but he has had a chance to see Nebraska on T.V. He said that he caught the Washington game last year and liked what he saw from Nebraska on offense.

"I like the offense that Nebraska runs and that they really try to pass the ball to set up the run and really feature the run in their offense. They like to run a high tempo offense and they are a big time football team."

Bryan Munson has worked with Big Red Report for 10 years covering recruiting and football and has covered Nebraska recruiting for 12 years.
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