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While many are excited about the way that the 2013 class is taking shape for Nebraska there is something to be said about the efforts by the Nebraska staff for the 2014 class. There are already a good number of offers out to top juniors around the nation including this one from Iowa who visited Nebraska recently. What were his thoughts about Nebraska?

Nebraska has been putting together a solid effort with the 2013 class, but they have also been working hard going after the 2014 class. One player that Nebraska has targeted early is wide receiver Allen Lazard from Urbandale (Iowa).

"We had this week off for the fourth of July," Lazard said. "We will be back out on the field next week from about 8:30 to 10:00 or so Mondays and Wednesday after we lift. We lift three to four times a week."

Lazard also likes to get in his side workouts. Some times that includes working with his quarterback and other times that is just him working on speed and quickness drills.

"Occasionally if I have time I will go out to the field and I try to get reps with my quarterback, but it's kind of hard because he's a pitcher for baseball. So I try to do my own workouts like cone drills and work on my footwork."

Lazard only completed his sophomore year and he can already hold the title of "big receiver". Lazard is 6-foot-4.5 and 190-pounds. He says that he uses his height to his advantage on the football field.

"I would say that I use my height and my size to my advantage. Obviously I am a taller receiver and it's a lot easier to go up and get a ball that a shorter receiver can't catch. The cornerbacks that are also shorter than me are usually lighter too so I can get separation easier."

Lazard has had a bit of a busy summer. He went to a combine and a few camps. After those four trips he made a trip to another nearby school for just an unofficial visit.

"I went to the Nike combine back in April in Chicago. I went to the LSU camp then Iowa State and Iowa. After that I went to Nebraska for a visit."

There are already three offers on the table for Lazard. The Urbandale wide receiver is getting a lot of other attention though from around the nation from some of the country's best programs.

"I am up to three offers. I have offers from Iowa, Iowa State and Nebraska. I think that Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio State maybe, LSU, Texas and hopefully Oregon could be close to offering."

Lazard has two years until he would be enrolling in college, but he has given some thought to what he's looking for in a school and a football program. The biggest thing to him seems to be the consistency with the staff and talking to coaches now that will be there when he gets there.

"The biggest thing would be if the coaching staff will be there when I am there. I want to develop that relationship with the coaching staff and then go to school and have them already be there while I am there.

"I am not exactly sure if I want to stay close or not. If I fall in love with a school that's far away then I will probably go there. Some days I want to get out of Iowa and others I want to stay home and stay close to family."

The unofficial visit for Lazard was time well spent. After seeing a few other schools this summer he had a chance to take a close look at Nebraska who has already offered and got a chance to meet with the coaching staff. Lazard was very impressed with what Nebraska had to offer.

"It was an unofficial visit the Thursday after Iowa State and Iowa; on the 21st. To say the least, I was blown away by about everything at Nebraska. I loved the campus. I met with all of their coaches including Bo Pelini and talked with just about everyone.

"I got to see all of their facilities at Nebraska. I saw the weight room, the stadium, the indoor practice facility, the academic center and the dorms. I really enjoyed the visit overall to Lincoln."

Nebraska has a favorable schedule this fall when it comes to attractive home games for recruiting. Lazard is talking about attending as many as three games this fall in Lincoln. "I think that I want to go to the Wisconsin, Michigan and Penn State games at Nebraska this fall."

Lazard finished his sophomore season at Urbandale with 16 receptions for 94 yards and had 94 tackles and eight interceptions as a free safety. Lazard prefers to play offense in college.

Bryan Munson has worked with Big Red Report for 10 years covering recruiting and football and has covered Nebraska recruiting for 12 years.
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