Lincoln to Lincoln? OL, Danny Muy

From Lincoln to Lincoln. That's corny. Yeah, corny, but if you had any idea of what this connection could mean for NU, you wouldn't think so. Lincoln High School in Tallahassee, Florida is home to one of THE powerhouse teams. Develop a pipeline from there and you've got something special. That's what most teams are trying to do, not the least of which is Nebraska. And, offensive linemen, Danny Muy is yet another Lincoln candidate looked to, to make that corny, yet powerful headline a reality.

Normally, I am quite objective in my recruiting pieces, for good reason and especially, this early. So many teams that each worth prospect is looking at, you have to be objective, because right now, unless that person has committed, you really know nothing at all about where they ultimately will be.

There is a slight exception here, but only because this young man was effected by Nebraska the day he was offered a scholarship to play for the Huskers. Effected enough that it prompted the headline and the story line. Rather than let me tell you though, Danny had his own words of what he thought when Nebraska let him officially know that he was wanted by the Big Red. "Nebraska is just a linemen powerhouse." Danny said. "They just breed linemen and being offered by them as a linemen is just great. It was just an honor."

Yes, NU is a linemen powerhouse to say the least. Sporting more Outland Trophy winners than any other school supports that argument more than just a little and even if you aren't an ardent Husker fan, names like Steinkuhler, Rimington, Shields and Fonoti might still ring a bell.

It's no coincidence that all those aforementioned names played guard or center, a position that NU been infamous in producing some college legends, even aside from this formidable four. It's that position that Muy is slated to play and at 6'3" and 275 lbs., he's already got the frame for the job.

Schools look at a lot more than frame though and Danny will say that his strength doesn't specifically rely on size, rather his energy to play the game. "I just love running all over the field." Danny said. "I love pulling and just doing everything." Pulling of course and it's been said a million times over, that's the biggest gift for a lineman. It gives you the chance to drill someone like you see them do to your guys throughout the game. That's sometimes impossible for some linemen to describe. "It's hard to put into words, but it's awesome to run down the field sometimes and show a little DB what's up." Muy stated.

What's up is also Danny's intensity. You say that is a given and I would agree, but Danny is definitely one of those guys that like teammate, Calvin Darity, he's a jekyl and hyde type. Calm, cool, darn near puppy-like off the field, get him on the field and it's a whole different story. "You have to be mean out there." Danny said. "I play with a lot of aggression, but you have to."

"That defensive guy, all he wants is to put you on your butt, but you can't let that happen. You have to do it to them."

And everyone wants to do it to them, that being Lincoln High School. Going for yet another state title (3 in 5 years), they have set themselves up as targets, but this is the kind of target you want to be. Not because of any individuals, but because the team is just that good and it's a product of great coaching and of course, great talent and talent is something Lincoln has become used to having in abundance.

Danny's step-dad (Scott) stated that Lincoln High school over the last five years has averaged right around 9 Division 1-A commits per. Just a few of the names that Lincoln has sent to the highest level of football there is are Kevin Carter who is a starting DE for the Tennessee Titans and Zach Pillar, who is a starting guard, also with the Titans and Eddie "Boo" Williams, currently a tight end with the New Orleans Saints. I could go on, but I think you get the point. This team produces some serious players.

So, it's with great logic you can assume that schools from around the country eye this school as much as they do, looking for that next "star". Danny is one of those stars in the making, at least that's what you would think simply from some of the offers he has gotten thus far. Aside from the Huskers, Alabama has offered as well as schools like, Clemson, East Carolina, Clemson and Louisville.

That attention that Danny is normally used to seeing for the team, he's now getting himself, but it doesn't change how he looks at his final year in high school. "First thing I am is for the team." Danny said. "I have my individual goals, but I am all about what's good for the team most of all."

That's not uncommon amongst Lincoln High, which explains a lot of why they are as successful as they are, but the question begs to be asked about this "Lincoln to Lincoln" headline, can be that considered a reality even now or does there exist still some openness about other schools in the mix. "I am hoping to take an unofficial to Nebraska before the Summer is up." Danny said. "But, I'm not making my decision until I know it's right."

"Where God tells me to go, that's where I will go and I don't know when that will be. Nebraska is my leader, no doubt about it, but I still want to make sure that when I do make my decision, everything will feel right about it."

Based on what I have heard from other players at Lincoln who said that they weren't going to come to any decisions until after the season, one might assume the same for Danny. Danny would be the first one to not want to do anything to set himself apart, because that's simply not the person he is, but as his step-dad stated, recruiting nowadays is full of things you don't expect and sometimes, decisions just happen when they do. "Coach Wilson would prefer it that way." Scott said of players making their decisions after the season was concluded. "But, there are just realities sometimes to how this stuff happens."

With all things being equal, which they rarely ever are, a decision could come from Muy as soon as before the beginning of his last season. Even Danny admitted that if he ever came across a situation that if he just overwhelmed him and as he said, simply "felt right", he might be motivated to just get the decision out of the way.

Aside from that revelation if you would want to call it that however, the time behind his decision and whether it will indeed ultimately be in Lincoln, Nebraska, that remains to be seen.

I am sure you can understand though that for someone that covers Nebraska, how that is intriguing to say the least. I mean, it's just a great headline and who doesn't love one of those?

Needless to say, we will be following Muy and his decision-making process along with the bevy of other Lincoln High standouts before, during and after their final season.

Of course, so will everyone else.

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