For debate: The toughest non-conference game?

Which non-conference matchup will give the Huskers the most trouble in 2012?

In our next issue of Big Red Report magazine, we ask the Lincoln Journal Star's Steve Sipple, 93.7 The Ticket's Adrian Fiala, and ESPN 590's Michael Grey to answer a handful of topics previewing the Huskers 2012 season.

But not every question made our final issue, so why let it go to waste?

Today's topic up for debate:

Which non-conference game should the Huskers be most worried about?

Here are their answers:

Sipple: "I think the first three are fairly difficult. I know Southern Miss has lost a lot, I guess at the end of the day I would say, because it's a road game, UCLA. Not only that, I did watch UCLA a couple times last year, and one time they looked really good and one time they looked horrible, but in both instances anybody who watches football could see they have some talent. And for whatever reason they weren't able to put it together on a consistent basis, so I would say that game is fairly scary just based on that, the fact that they have some pretty descent talent in a lot of spots and you're going on the road to play so, you know how that can go."

Grey: "UCLA, because it's on the road, it's a hostile environment, and they have a new coach having something to prove. Where as Nebraska has nothing to gain, they are expected to win it, and win it handily, which I expect they will, but if there were a game out there that would be a trap game it would be that one out in Los Angeles with Jim Mora Jr. and more attention than normal for the Bruins program."

Fiala: "I think that Southern Miss might be the team. It's the first game, which could be the most concerning right now. Historically they have been a fairly tough football team, I am glad we got them here, and I think they might be a little more competitive than we think. I think Southern Miss by an edge over the other two UCLA and Arkansas State."

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*** Eric Oslund contributed to this report

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