BRR Profile: Cole Pensick

After waiting his turn, the time is now for junior Cole Pensick.

Cole Pensick

Position: Offensive Lineman

Height/Weight: 6-foot-2, 275 pounds

High School: Lincoln Northeast

Year: Junior

2011 Review:

Pensick saw action in four games last year, all of them equaling out to wins, against Chattanooga, Wyoming, Minnesota and Michigan State.

He was also able to help his team rush for more than 300-yards against both Wyoming and Minnesota.

Majority of the year was spent continuing to learn the center position in 2011; he played guard in high school, but admits center is a whole different thing.

"In high school I kind of knew all the positions because we had a lot of new guys playing that I had to help out," explained Pensick. "But I never thought about how hard it would be, until I got to here, and having to know everything the center has to know.

"The snapping and stepping and having someone right there because you're stepping and engaging with pretty much only one hand. So that was pretty difficult, but you have to know so much, I mean I have to help the other lineman out, knowing what blitz is coming, where, and what."

Maybe even harder, telling his father Dan Pensick, a former defensive tackle for the Huskers he was moving to offense.

"There is a lot of smack starting, but he his happy for me," said Cole. "I mean growing up here all I want to do is play, and if they want to try to put me somewhere I just want to play."

2012 Outlook:

Pensick will be a leading contender to replace Mike Caputo as the starting center for the 2012 season after serving as his back up in 2011.

It has been a tough road transitioning to the offensive line from the defensive line, but things now seem to be looking up.

"Those first couple days were really frustrating with the snapping," said Pensick. "I mean I had every coach there trying to hone in on my snapping and it was really frustrating, you would have one good one but then the next three would be all over the place. But repetition taught me and now I'm good to go.

"I have waited three years," he said. "Honestly I wanted to come in here right away and play but after being here and learning how everything goes I'm glad I redshirted, got to learn how everything goes, and mature as a young man."

Pensick, who is regarded as one of the strongest players on the team, impressed Nebraska assistant offensive line coach John Garrison in the spring.

"He's strong and he's got some God-given leverage," Garrison told the Lincoln Journal Star. "He's not the tallest guy in the world, but he's able to play low. He moves his feet well."

How he ended up in Lincoln:

Pensick was originally brought in to play on the defensive side of the ball, but was moved to center during the spring of 2010.

Pensick was the first commit to Nebraska in 2009, and one of two in state prospects that year.

In high school, Pensick was a three-year starter, and dominated both sides of the line of scrimmage. As a senior he played mainly defense, but still recorded 40 tackles and led his team in tackles for a loss. He also averaged about 10 pancake blocks a game while starting at right guard.

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