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There are a few spots in the 2013 class for Nebraska where a junior college player just makes sense. A couple of positions where a JC player makes sense are on the defensive line. There is a JC player that Nebraska has an eye on that could potentially play either defensive tackle or defensive end.

Los Angeles (Calif.) East Junior College defensive tackle/end Demetrius Campbell is wrapping up his summer preparing for his last season of junior college football. The 6-foot-5 and 290-pound standout with a 4.98/40-yard dash time says that he is working in the classroom and training.

"I am doing summer school and working out," Campbell said. "I am just getting ready for the season. I am working on my overall explosiveness. I am also doing a lot of speed training so I can make some more plays sacking the quarterback."

Campbell has tremendous size and speed. Last season he was inside on the defensive line and this year he will slide outside to a five-technique with some plays inside this fall. Campbell says that the defense he's in asks him to own a gap or two or just an area.

"I played defensive tackle last year, but I will be playing strong-side defensive end this year. I will have a few plays that will line me up inside this year. I am a big gap control player. My focus really is to take on the offensive lineman and make a play. We do a lot of two-gap."

There are a number of teams that have stepped up with an offer for Campbell. He says that he is going to focus on the football program with his decision and specifically the depth chart. He's looking for early playing time and a chance to compete wherever he goes.

"I am up to 15 offers right now. Some of them are Texas-San Antonio, Boise State, Arkansas, Nebraska, Florida Atlantic, Texas State, Washington State, Michigan State, West Virginia, Oregon State and a few others.

"I feel like I am going to get an education wherever I go. I am pretty much going to base my decision around playing time. Coming out of junior college you don't have a lot of time to sit around. I want to get in and compete."

There is a split though where teams see Campbell playing at the next level; and it's 50-50. Some like him inside and some like him outside. Campbell says that he's leaning one way over the other when it comes to which position he thinks he's better at for the next level.

"Some schools like me inside and others like me outside. I am still trying to figure out which I would rather do at the next level. The offers are really split in half. I am kind of leaning toward playing inside. I know athletic defensive tackles can create a lot of mismatches at the next level."

One team that sees Campbell coming in and playing for them is Nebraska. The question is where? Nebraska is split on where Campbell could play, but if he is looking for early playing time there is definitely a position that could allow Campbell to get on the field earlier over the other.

"Nebraska is a little confused which position I am better at for them. They like me and I could play defensive end because I am athletic or they said that they like my frame and as a defensive tackle they could add some more weight. As a defensive tackle there they said I could compete immediately."

Nebraska is making an impression on Campbell. He's developing quite a relationship with the position coach that is recruiting him. The conversations are strong and at the same time are light-hearted and comical at times.

"Coach Rick Kaczenski is the coach that is recruiting me from Nebraska. He's a cool guy and real laid back. He's funny too. He's a great coach and when I start talking about the other schools recruiting me he stops me and tells me about what Nebraska has to offer."

Campbell took just one unofficial visit this summer, but says that he has multiple official visits planned for this fall. Campbell knows of three schools that he would like to visit and possibly a fourth that he has to squeeze in.

"I took an unofficial to Miami, but I will wait until this fall to take official visits. I know about three so far. I will visit Texas-San Antonio, West Virginia and Nebraska for sure. Those are guarantees. I might have to squeeze Arkansas in there as well."

Campbell says that he will graduate in December from East Junior College and will have three years to play two.

Bryan Munson has worked with Big Red Report for 10 years covering recruiting and football and has covered Nebraska recruiting for 12 years.
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