Darius Reynaud: Getting into the mix

There's a log jam in Louisiana. It's a glut if you will of quality running backs coming out of the Bayou state. Perhaps more than they have had in 10+ years, Louisiana is the target for just about every school looking for a quality player in the backfield. Darius Reynaud may be listed as a wide receiver, but he's not shying away from the fact that he wants to add himself to that log-jam and take his running ability to the next level

Bottom line for Reynaud is that he is a great athlete. Versatile enough that he is being recruited for wide receiver, cornerback and RB. That's great, he's happy about it, but in the end, he knows what he wants to play. "I am looking to play running back." Darius said. "That's where I think I am at my best."

Darius' best at any position has allowed him to accumulate almost 30 touchdowns through two years of playing varsity-ball. As a wide receiver, running back and you can just about name it, Reynaud's style is about getting the ball in the end zone. With that being said, Darius says that he does have one strength he relies on from the running back position. "My power." Darius said. "That's where I do most of my damage. I don't mind going around then and I have good speed to the corners and turning up-field, but if I can go through them, that's what I want to do."

Considering Reynaud's size (5'11"-190 lbs.) and his reported 40 time of 4.37 (on concrete), that wouldn't strike you automatically as someone you think relies on a physical presence as opposed to someone that likes to make a move to get free. Darius defies the stereotype though, because his strength relies on just that, his strength, while that mobility, well, that's just a nice way to finish them off. "I am real good at breaking through tackles and getting up the middle." he said. "I can break them off of me, run them over or whatever I have to do."

"And when I hit the open field, that's when I use my speed and I'm gone."

While schools are recruiting him for a variety of positions, Darius maintains that it will be those schools recruiting him as a running back that he will be looking at the most. A few of those schools that have already offered him as a RB are Nebraska, Michigan State and LSU.

While Darius does consider that trio amongst his early leaders, he's not resting on his laurels, satisfied with just that. He wants more, but he knows that he has to earn it on the field. "I know what I have to do." Darius said. "I have to go out there every single time and show everyone what I am capable of doing."

Part of showing that ability is very much illustrated by Darius' statistical goals this year, something he sees as a necessity to not only show his ability off, but make the most of what he can do for his team. "I want to run for 200 yards a game and score between 15 and 20 touchdowns." he said.

That kind of output takes not just ability, but dedication and that's just what Darius plans on providing to it's fullest extent. Though Darius stated that he'll evaluate teams throughout the year, his time-line for making his decision is clear. "I'm doing it all after the season." he said. "I'm taking all five visits and I'll figure it out from there."

The names of outstanding running backs coming out of Louisiana is a long one, the most prominent players on this current list being Ja'Kouri Williams and Jay Lucas. Darius may be listed as a wide receiver, but by the end of the season, he plans to be up there with Williams and Lucas, if not above them when it's all said and done. "I know I have to prove myself every day I go out there." Darius said. "But, that's what I plan to do."

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