Mississippi LB looking all over

The well-known to the unsung. That's the recruiting process year to year. And often, it's the unsung that can take the spotlight, because expectations simply aren't as high. They are the surprises, though each isn't surprised at all, because they knew they could do it all along. It just took some a little longer to notice. Enter, LB, Heath Grant.

6'2"-220 and runs a reported 4.7. I don't know about you, but to me, that's just solid. I know you are looking at that 4.7 and thinking that's a little slow, but for someone that size and in the "real" world, 4.7 for a linebacker is darn near smoking. Just to add a little luster to this gem, throw in a 310 lbs. bench and a squat of 515.

It's raw physical potential, the kind that often makes coaches drool at the possibilities. That's if they have seen them in the first place though. While recruiting is a big-time business and it would seem that all a player has to do anymore is show up on any field in the country and they will instantly be profiled, such is far from the case. Some slip through the cracks, even physical specimens like Grant.

Now, that he is getting noticed to a degree though, his stats from last year are nice, but his statistical goals this year, if they bear fruit, they will definitely turn some heads. "I had 147 tackles last year, but I am going for around 170 this year." Heath said. "I am wide-open every play and I am going to be better this year, no doubt."

To add to his already impressive stats, Heath reported that he had 3 sacks and 3 interceptions, all that he plans on improving as well. Heath does have a bottom-line to what his ultimate goal is, recruiting attention aside. "Winning State is the real goal right now." Heath said. "Outside of that, I am just going to do the best that I can."

With so much importance hinged on individual success, you would find most kids salivating at the chance to prove what they can do. And, you might think that Heath's statistical goals are his way of doing just that. Not so for Grant, because those goals aren't for anyone but himself and his team. What schools think about those numbers, well, that's up to them. "I am just going to go out there and play." Heath said. "I am going to do the best that I can, because I don't have to prove anything to anyone."

Thus far, Heath said that Mississippi State has offered him in writing, but has received significant attention from Alabama, Ole Miss, LSU, Nebraska and Tennessee. You might expect though that Heath isn't too worried about the recruiting process right now and you would be right. "I'm not even worrying about it too much until the season is over." Heath said.

"After that, I will take my visits and figure it out from there. I don't have any favorites and I am looking at everyone right now."

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