The week that was in "Happy Valley"

It was an emotional week when Nebraska traveled to Penn State last year. Joe Paterno had been removed as head coach at Penn State earlier in the week following information that, at the time, maybe even he could have done more to stop child abuse and molestation by long time assistant coach Jerry Sandusky. Big Red Report looks back at the week that was.

I couldn't remember the score to the Nebraska game when they took on Penn State this past year. I didn't remember that Penn State came back and fell just short losing the game, 17-14.

I still don't know who scored for Nebraska. I couldn't tell you who stood out on defense either. But when I think back to that week I remember waiting for the game to begin and wondering if anything would happen pre-game.

What did take place was the start of healing. It was the demonstration of how adults were to act. The mid-field meeting between Nebraska and Penn State was like church with not just the two squads as the congregation, but 107,000+ in the stands who stood quiet enough that even on the television broadcast you swore you could hear some of what Coach Ron Brown was saying.

There may have not been a better person to be in State College, Pa. that weekend than Ron Brown. The assistant coach at Nebraska has a strong Christian faith and while at times the tenacious teacher on the field has been subject to criticism off of it for his beliefs, Brown was helping make sense of it all. A mess that had young boys and young men trying to figure out how they should respond.

Coach Bo Pelini was a huge part of the week and the game weekend as well. During the week you could tell that there were some on the fence about whether or not the game was a good idea. Personally I agreed. By later in the week I didn't think that the game was a good idea. It was trivial in the scope of what was taking place. Coach Bo Pelini's post game press conference that day was one to remember.

Bryan Munson has worked with Big Red Report for 10 years covering recruiting and football and has covered Nebraska recruiting for 12 years.
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