Q&A: D.J. Foster - 2014 OL

Lincoln Southeast offensive line product D.J. Foster is getting ready for his junior year, with multiple schools showing major interest.

Updated height and weight?
"I'm 6-foot-3, about 305 pounds."

Who have you gotten offers from so far?
"I got an offer from Nebraska, UCLA said they are going to be looking into me, and Wisconsin said they will be talking to me a little later, so I am hoping from something there."

How does it feel to be getting offers from these big time schools as a junior?
"It's a great feeling, it makes me want to keep going and makes me believe that I have some more in me so it just a good feeling."

What schools have really be interesting you so far?
"Nebraska and UCLA"

What Nebraska coaches have been talking to you the most?
"It would be Barney Cotton. He is a good friend of mine so he has been talking to me about Nebraska, telling me about their program, so he is the person that talks to me."

How do you feel/what all do you know about Nebraska?
"What I like about Nebraska is; I like their coaches, the intensity, and I like how they teach their players to want it, to just want to be the best and I like that intensity."

Have you visited Nebraska?
"Yeah I visited Nebraska, unofficial visit, but I have been there."

What did you think of it?
"It was great, love their weight room, coaches, and I like the feel of it."

What are you looking for in a school?
"I'm definitely looking for the weight room, I'm looking for how the coaches treat their players and how their players respond to that, and if the players respect their coaches, that's the kind of place I would want to go."

What honors did you receive last year?
"The honors that I received last year was all city, all conference, all district, all state, and I got all-American."

How would you describe your game?
"Fast, intense, and just like to give it my all, all the time."

What's running through your head when you line up before a play?
"Just get through the first guy and go to the next, that's the only thing I think about."

Would you rather run block or pass block?
"I used to love run block, but now its, I don't know, its pretty balanced right now. After going to all these camps it looks like pass block might be my favorite right now."

Why is that?
"I am sitting back and have to think more, I like to think about the game more, so I think its more of a thinking type of deal than run block."

What advice would you give a younger kid?
"If I were to give advice to a younger athlete I would say make short-term goals to get long-term success. That's the thing I have been going off of ever since a guy at a Nike camp told me that, so that's what I am striving for."

- Josh Harvey -

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