BRR Profile: Kyler Reed

Kyler Reed wasn't completely healthy in 2011, but is back and possibly better than ever.

Kyler Reed

Position: Tight End

Height/Weight: 6-foot-3, 230 pounds

High School: St. Thomas Aquinas (Kan.)

Year: Senior

2011 Review:

Reed played in 12 games last year, started in four against Wyoming, Michigan, Iowa and South Carolina, and recorded 15 catches for 257 yards averaging 17.1 yards a catch. He also scored a touchdown on the season.

In 2010, Reed and Ben Cotton combined together to make one of the best tight end groups in the nation, but both of them were hampered by injuries last year.

"I would say the first couple games and then that was it," said Reed when asked if the two of them were ever healthy at the same time in the spring. "But even in the first couple games I was recovering from a high ankle sprain. Two years ago we were both healthy, but last year one of us were always banged up."

But now his health seems to be back to where it was.

"Health is good; hamstrings are good," said Reed. "Now I'm just trying to stay healthy. I'm doing everything I can, stretching a lot eating right, doing stuff like that, hoping I can stay healthy, but I'm good now."

2012 Outlook:

This year Reed is expected to be an important part of the Nebraska offense, and a deep threat weapon for quarterback Taylor Martinez.

"I think Ben and I both have a great opportunity if we get lined up on a linebacker and even a safety sometimes," said the senior. "We can use our size advantage on the safeties. Last year was the first year in coach Beck's offense so we are trying to how Ben and me can get matchups."

If there was a weak point in Reed's games during the past couple years it would probably his blocking abilities, but he has been working on that and is expecting to be better this year.

"I have just been working on my technique with Coach Brown," he said in April. "Also getting bigger I was pretty small two years ago. I think I was about 215 and now I'm about 230, so gaining weight and working on technique, stuff like that."

Although Reed is primarily a tight end, he has hinted that he may be able to fit into some other positions this coming year.

"There are possibilities where I can line up anywhere pretty much," the tight end explained. "Our offense works like that. They don't really have to change the name of my position that coincides to what the receivers do, so there are opportunities for that. It just depends."

How he ended up in Lincoln:

Reed showed a lot of versatility in high school playing both on offense and on defense. Reed rushed for 350 yards out of the backfield and recorded 500 receiving and seven touchdowns as a receiver.

He chose Nebraska over offers from Colorado, Colorado State, Kansas, Missouri, Kansas State, and Northwestern.

- Josh Harvey -

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