Welcome to the second edition of TAKE TWO, your recap in recruiting and what a recap we have. A ton of updates, a commit and some kids that are just all about Nebraska. You love that, don't you? Kid that are just (as Snoop doggy dog would say), fo-shnizzle, Nebraska-izzlin-fo-shur-in-DA HOUSE!!!!! Or something like that. Either way, check out this gargantuan run-down of the recruiting that was.

Lance Brandenburgh - Last TAKE TWO, I said soon and what happened? Not even two days after that, Mr. Burgh pulls the trigger and did it for Nebraska. After the flurry that was just a few days prior with commits 2-6, people were just starting to take their breath when Lance said he wanted to be a Husker.

For Lance, it's a home-coming of sorts as he heads back into the Husker state, Lance hailing from York, Nebraska before he moved down to Overland Park, Kansas.

So, make sure not to welcome Lance when you see him, rather welcome him back.

Early Doucet said he wanted to be a quarterback, don't ya know. Ok, not really. Early is just ticked that everyone is saying that he is "just" a wide-receiver and his future has no Q in it anywhere. Unless of course he goes to some school that has this route called "42, red-herring, z-back-split-50-.........on Q!!! Oh crap. I meant, "on 2". Ok, nevermind.

Early is the top rated wideout in the country and that is reality and also, the reality of him being any other than that in college isn't realistic. I realize Husker fans are still in the habit of looking for athletes that can throw, but as they hope the coaching staff can find more prototypical signal-callers, fans are going to have to do the same thing. Early Doucet is a receiver in the making.

End of story.

If there is one thing that is almost for certain in Nebraska is that the best football players go to UNL. Ok, let's just all forget about that little Gayle Sayers thing, ok? I mean, come on. It's only Gayle Sayers.


Moving on.

Arkansas has the same reputation and Nebraska is hoping to invade a little and bring a couple of those junior Razorbacks back to the Husker State.

At the very least, NU has offered Safety-Stephen Green , FB, Peyton Hillis and LB, Matt Stoltz to play for the Big Red. Stephen is one of the best safeties around, Peyton, one of the most versatile fullbacks you will see and Stoltz would be another grand edition to another pretty nice linebacker class for 2004.

Hillis has a problem with the campus in the fact that it looks like a bunch of run-down army barracks with trees. He never said that, but since I have been to the campus, I am inputting my own input, because I am just that kind of guy. Some actually do care what the campus looks like and if you have ever been on the Lincoln campus, if it's that important to them, well, so much for NU.

Green is determined to break this reputation of the hold the Razorbacks have on their in-staters and I see him heading out of state and I see that with Stoltz as well, it appearing that the younger generation just doesn't seem to remember the glory days of Arkansas football.

Husker fans are hoping that these new coaches can keep that from happening to them, Nebraska kids one day asking, "Mom, did Nebraska always suck?"


Taking a trip out west, we talked to Aaron Klovas who has his fill of west-coast offers, but also has offers from the midwest. Actually, the two offers he has are as Klovas stated, the only two schools from that region to have seen him on tape. Aaron plans on getting more tape out and if that trend is true, Nebraska is going to have a lot more company around them in regards to who offered this young man on paper.

Aaron says his interest in Nebraska is legitimate, but oh how his voice just perked up at the thought of Stanford offering him a schollie. That's my pick if they come through with the written offer to play.


The most intriguing scenario that has built up over the last couple of weeks is this obvious intent by Nebraska to get at least one prep-star out of the Sunshine State. And, they are trying to do it, starting with one of the best programs in that state, Lincoln High School in Tallahassee, Florida.

Going for their 3rd state title in 5 years, this schools has pumped out Division 1-A commits, like I eat TUMS after 3 burritos, 2 enchiladas and some nachos covered in jalapeno dip.

9 a year for the last five years. That's serious stuff and they look to do that and possibly more this year.

The 4 though that mean most to Husker fans are of course the 4 that NU has offered.

OL, Calvin Darity

OL, Danny Muy

LB, Rodney Gallon

CB, Joe Manning

All of them state interest in NU, but when it comes to Manning and Muy, there isn't just some interest, but a WHOLE LOT of interest. Plus, they are best friends and in a perfect world, would like to be roommates at the college they choose.

With all four having offers, I won't bore you with rankings, because Nebraska just told you that they are definitely worth it after putting their interest on paper.

The bottom line for you is what's their interest in Nebraska?

Calvin Darity is smart. No, that's not a compliment. That's a certified fact. He's not just smart, he's MENSA smart and you know that's going to determine much of where he goes. Calvin is a math-whit to the nth degree, so think Math schools.

Nebraska coaches are no doubt trying to tell him all about the Mathematical Association of American holds their American Mathematics Competitions and no, it's not Bismark.

Calvin is being recruited by everyone and has offers from some of the biggest names around, all while his measurements just make you scratch your head. The thing is, I have never seen him on film, while these schools have and Calvin graded out at 90+ percent last year on the line. He's good. Make no mistake about it, but with so much room to grow physically, Calvin could be scary good in the future.

Danny Muy is another potential stud as he has perfect size (nowadays) for the center/guard position. He likes Nebraska, because they have a history of great center/guards, not the least of which are Dean Steinkuhler, Toniu Fonoti and some guy named Rimington. It's Nebraska to Danny and that's just what could get him heading west. They are supposed to official before the Summer is over........"hopefully" as they say.

Rodney is a kid that won't lie to you or powder coat it as to what he wants to do to you on the field. He wants to hurt you, kill you and after that, hurt you and kill you again. Relentless, athletic and promising. He's also affectionate to NU, not the likes of Muy, but when asked about Bo Pelini, he said, "That's my man right there."

Joe Manning is like Muy, ga ga for Big Red. He's taking his time, making sure it's right, but you can bet that NU is a clear leader right now. The depth chart doesn't hurt, but for him, Pelini has done a great job recruiting and hey, it's Nebraska.

I sense a trend here.

At least for two of these guys, Nebraska is a huge influence and at least with Muy, I don't see that changing. Even the guy I am going to review next, I don't think is as big as shoe-in for the Huskers as Muy is. The young man just lights up when he talks about Nebraska.

He's my "lock" for the recruiting year thus far.

Ok, since I said I was talking about someone that was really, really interested in NU, I had better do that, huh? D.T. McDowell , a QB that has done everything but commit to Nebraska. He even told me that he would commit right now, BUT..........he wants to make sure it's right. That caused a little stir in the Husker world as it should, because this kid is another potential stud.

Height, body, speed and the arm, the idea of what he could be for Nebraska is almost as good as the reality of how good he is now.

Here's the thing with me on this. I remember talking to a young man not so long ago name of Cedric Houston. He was like D.T., absolutely, totally wowed by NU without ever stepping foot on campus.

Now, his situation was different than that of Manning or Muy, so his visit would tell the tale. Houston ended up at Tennessee.


I don't think D.T. would have that kind of experience and I am also not one to jump on this ‘he's going to Georgia' bandwagon, but there's a little voice in my head (no, not that one) that tells me that this situation will become far more interesting than Husker fans would want.

Let's just say that I am waiting for his recruiting season to really begin.


Ok, so there I am, in the middle of this great conversation with QB, Shea Reagan. Must have lasted half an hour. Gosh, what a nice kid. Ok, then, I have another great conversation with OL, Roland Martin and then, another with Ja'Kouri Williams as I am just trying to update his information and see where he stands.

Ok, then I look down to my trusty digital recorder so that I can recall all these conversations, thus typing them up in my usually-concise manner (you can stop laughing now) and what do you know, it's off.

Yep, I'm good. Darn button that said "record" was just too complicated for me at the time, SOOOOOOOOOO, let's give you my completely off-the-top-of-my-head recap.

Shea's size would make most Husker fans instantly look away, as he fits more the prototypical passing body than he does any type of run/pass threats they are used to. Actually, Joe Dailey not included, I should have said, run/run/run/run/pass threats.

Believe it or not, there is a legit interest in NU, but of course, he's as nervous about NU "really" doing things different or wondering if their idea of passing more is throwing a couple additional screens in the first-half.

His ability isn't the question as he has been offered by everyone outside of North Texas because, well...........come on. You figure it out.

Either way, even with all these offers, Reagen considers Nebraska a team he will continue to look at and have discourse with, because like most Husker fans, he's just as interested in what NU is going to do this year and most importantly, how they are going to do it.

As for BIG Roland Martin, he's big. You say that's redundant? Not when you are 6'6' and 345 lbs., it's not. That deserves to be said twice. Rated as one of the top linemen in the country, he has offers from.........well, just about everyone.

And where does NU fit into the mix? Only so slightly from what I could tell. Yeah, he's interested in NU, but mainly because it is NU and their reputation for linemen. I don't think that's enough to warrant any Husker fans going out and buying jerseys with his name on it. Nebraska may actually end up getting an official, but if Roland gets that offer from Miami, a future Cane he could easily be.

And as for Ja'Kouri, how do I put this update simply...........nothing has changed, but for NU fans, that's good. Still very interested in NU, still what I would consider a favorite to get an official, Ja'Kouri may find himself amidst a bevy of great running backs coming out of the state of Louisiana, but when it comes to Husker fans, his name has came up repeatedly, all by itself. The one hope for NU fans is that LSU fills up on running backs quick. That just gives Husker fans all that much more to cheer about.


In-state kid gets offer. In-state kid smiles. In-state kid goes someplace else and he's a lineman at that. That's not something you hear very often in Nebraska, but it might happen with Zach Copple . He's a Husker fan, don't get me wrong, but he's not the fanatical-my life has no meaning without NU-Husker-fan most expect.

Zach's 4.6 GPA has got him accepted to none other than Harvard, so that's just the tip of the academic iceberg for him. It's not to say that he won't eventually be a Husker, but if academics means that much to you and someone gives you a choice between Harvard or Nebraska..........what would you do?

Yeah, I thought so. Nebraska is a great school, but, come on. This is Harvard!

RUN CONOR, RUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If only he could run, he could show everyone the whole package and that's just what he is going to get to do this year. Well, outside of throwing it a projected 45 times a game. That's not much running, but Conor Rauschelbach is convinced that the new coach of his will keep his word and let him run, something his former coach, didn't do.

Conor isn't just depending on this show of versatility, he's confident that it's just a matter of time and everyone will see just how much of a "complete" QB he is. And, Nebraska is right up there with him, because he (like others ) are buying into this new more balanced philosophy that NU is allegedly going to have.

Oh yeah, he also said that he would probably commit to the first school that does come across with an offer.

So, there ya go.



Ok, the bad news. Here are some guys that I covered that I find to be less than even fifty-fifty shots for Nebraska. Some, even less than that, more like "hell freezing over"-type percentages.

Xavier Fulton - he'll go to Tennessee in a heartbeat if they offer

Darius Reynaud  - I know he knows he wants to be a running back, but I'm not sold that he will end up at a school that wants him solely as that and NU's depth chart at running back isn't exactly anemic. Husker fans might say so in regards to the type of back they want, but I think Reynaud will see that differently.

Dannell Ellerbe  - he'll stay in the southern region

Heath Grant - not sure about an offer, but can't see him heading out of the south either.

And because I love ending things on depressing notes, we'll end this right now, but now that I have taken you through the gammut in emotions from near-glee to your eyes burning (you are on page six after all), let's see if I can end this on a positive note.

Now, I should stop right where I am. I mean, when it comes to predictions, we have actually been batting a pretty fair average here at HC, so I should just quit. Just quit. JUST QUIT!!!!

Ok, I can't. So, how about that prediction of who the next commit will be?

It was rhetorical so quit answering me.

IF, he gets to take that visit to Lincoln before the Summer is over, my next commit will be DANNY MUY. To me, this kid just sounds like he wants to be a Husker and although he is waiting for that "right" feeling, I think he'll get all that and then some on his unofficial to Husker Land. That's if he takes that official.

If he doesn't?

I don't have a friggen clue.

How's that?

Ok, thanks again for taking the enormous amount of time it took to go through all this and I hope that you got more out of it than just a good way to get tired. Tune in next time, because the next TAKE TWO will be a little more special as we bring back SOUND BYTES, your best connection to the recruit where you get to hear what they have to say and why, IN THEIR OWN WORDS.

So, seeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeay, buh-bye, take care, I'm outta here and I'm gone.

Now, THAT'S redundant.

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