Harlow talks second trip to Nebraska

For the second time in two months Sean Harlow from San Clemente (Calif.) made the trip to Lincoln to check out Nebraska. The Huskers had another chance to fill in the gaps that were created from Big Red Weekend for Harlow. What did Harlow think about his second trip to see Nebraska?

Nebraska had Big Ten media days in Chicago, but that didn't stop them from hosting Sean Harlow who is a three-star prospect and the No. 21 offensive guard in the nation. The standout prospect from San Clemente (Calif.) was already half-way to his second destination this week when BigRedReport caught up with him this morning.

"I just landed in Phoenix actually," Harlow said. I am on my way to Oregon to see Oregon State. We took off this morning around 6:00."

Harlow said that he spent pretty much the full day in Lincoln yesterday and literally on campus. Harlow said that this visit to Nebraska was to see the things that he didn't get to see in good enough detail last month.

"It was good. I was there all day long. I was literally on campus from 9:00 until 7:30 last night. I got to see everything and all of the facilities. It was a really good trip.

"Big Red Weekend didn't show us enough of the campus. We drove around it. I got to see it this time and took the whole tour. I also saw some of the dorms and some classrooms. I also got to see the town and walked around downtown a little bit."

Harlow says that between the two visits to see Lincoln that he feels very good about Nebraska. He has a feel about Nebraska as a whole and says that he could see himself at Nebraska.

"I really liked Nebraska and Lincoln. All of the coaches at Nebraska are great and the facilities there are just awesome. Lincoln and the state are just about that football. I could see myself there for the next four to five years."

Harlow is friends with Nebraska quarterback commitment Johnny Stanton. Harlow said that he hasn't spoken with Stanton, but planned on getting a hold of him on his way to Oregon State or later when he visits Washington.

Bryan Munson has worked with Big Red Report for 10 years covering recruiting and football and has covered Nebraska recruiting for 12 years.
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