Lacouture talks transfer

Christian Lacouture was going to be enrolling early at Nebraska in the spring semester, but he hadn't anticipated moving to Nebraska before school began. It's all happened quickly around his mom getting a job in Omaha. But what it came down to was a close-knit family being apart and the decision to just stay together.

The coaches at Lincoln Southwest got an early Christmas present. One of the best defensive linemen not only in the state of Texas, but in the nation is planning on transferring to their school.

Christian Lacouture, a Nebraska commitment, had planned on graduating from College Station (Texas) A&M Consolidated early to head to Nebraska, but he's in Nebraska now and will be moving to Lincoln to go to high school this fall.

"I informed my coaches yesterday at A&M Consolidated that I was transferring," Lacouture said. "It was really tough to tell them the bad news that I was leaving. All of this has happened very quickly."

The process of moving to Lincoln might have started with LaCouture deciding to commit to Nebraska, but it was really secured around his mom finding a job in nearby Omaha. It was cemented by the fact that the family was going to be separated by 700 miles until later in the year.

"Basically, my mom is in the Army Reserve and she is a nurse that works with soldiers that come back wounded from war. She got a transfer into Omaha and so she took the spot and was planning on moving.

"My younger sister, who is 15 and a sophomore, was going with her and she was planning on enrolling at Lincoln Southwest. So there was a huge family decision for all of us just to come to Nebraska now."

Being on the move isn't new for Lacouture, this is actually his third high school in three years, but it's also his last before he attends college. More than just a college he and his family chose an area of the country to really settle down and live in for the foreseeable future.

"It's really the best for all of us. I am close to my sister and we are all close as a family. This is my third high school in three years but at the same time I have my family with me and there are opportunities up here for all of us. This is where we will all be for a long, long time."

Bryan Munson has worked with Big Red Report for 10 years covering recruiting and football and has covered Nebraska recruiting for 12 years.
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