Quessenberry set to see Nebraska

There are a few offensive line prospects that have been on Nebraska's board for a long time and Scott Quessenberry is one of them. Quessenberry moved out to tackle to help out his team, but projects to play center at the next level. What does he think about changing positions and when will he be taking a visit to see Nebraska?

Scott Quessenberry is staring just a week left of his summer dead in the face and he's excited about it. After this dead period gets over with for Quessenberry and his Encinitas (Calif.) La Costa Canyon team mates will get back out on the field and start getting ready for the season.

"It's good because we are on a dead period right now," Quessenberry said. "One more week left and we get back to work. I am pretty excited about that. The summer went by so fast."

Quessenberry knows that he can go out on a field and out muscle the person across from him. He wants to be able to beat them with sound technique because that is what he will have to do after this season so that got a lot of his attention this summer.

"I wanted to be the best fundamentally as I could be. I know that I am going to out power kids in high school football so I wanted to get fundamentally sound and improve technically. I worked on explosion too for defense."

If you watched Quessenberry's junior film you saw him at right tackle. Watch him this year and he will be over at left tackle. Seems kind of funny considering he's the No. 7 center in the nation, but he says he's familiar with center too.

"I played right tackle last year and I will play left tackle this year. Until last year I had played center all my life. I played center at The Opening. I felt great there and I am ready to make the move back to center in college."

Quessenberry is on record stating that he will take his time with his decision, take his trip and likely decide around the end of the year. He knows about two visits he's taking for sure and two more that likely will host him this fall too.

"I am going to take one to Arkansas, Nebraska and most likely California too. TCU is supposed to come in and offer and if they do I would likely visit them. I am going to see Arkansas play Alabama and Nebraska play against Michigan."

Getting out to Lincoln on an official visit will be a first for Quessenberry. He says that he really wants to soak up a game day weekend in Lincoln and see what things are like at Nebraska.

"I just want to see their atmosphere on game day. I want to see the game day operations and see everything that goes into Nebraska football on game day."

Bryan Munson has worked with Big Red Report for 10 years covering recruiting and football and has covered Nebraska recruiting for 12 years.
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