As Harvey Sees It: Rex's Heisman campaign

Should Nebraska promote Rex Burkhead as a Heisman candidate in a preseason campaign? BRR goes on the record with 93.7 The Ticket in Lincoln.

After finding the end zone 39 times last year, Wisconsin running back Montee Ball is returning for his senior season and the Badgers have his back.

The University of Wisconsin earlier this week launched a Montee Ball Heisman campaign, after the consensus first-team All-American was fourth in the voting in 2011.

Their decision to promote the senior has garnered debate among Nebraska fans whether the Huskers should do the same for their senior running back – Rex Burkhead.

Nebraska in the past has taken the approach actions speaker louder than words – choosing to not promote players at least this early in the season.

While it could be argued that Burkhead is an extreme longshot to the win the award, his numbers and honors suggest otherwise, especially if Nebraska found a way to be in the Top 10 late in the year.

Attached below is BRR Publisher Josh Harvey's thoughts on the subject matter.

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