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It's been about a month and a half since Big Red Weekend and most of the commitments that were in town are getting ready to end their summers and start fall camp. Greg Hart is one of those players that say he's been putting in the work and now he's ready for the season to get here. Hart talks about recruiting after his commitment, the class and the new quarterback commitment.

    Greg Hart from Kettering (Ohio) Archbishop Alter says since visiting Nebraska in June that his time has been all about his team.  The season is around the corner and Hart doesn't want to lose sight of that.

"Things are going great," Hart said.  "Just been training with the team and out with the team since my last visit to Nebraska, really.  I am just trying to focus on the upcoming season."

Hart says that he is always trying to improve and this summer was a real challenge given the fact that he will be moving all over the field.  Still there are some skills that translate to a number of positions that he could key on and will also pay off going into college.

"I am always trying to improve on my route running in general.  I don't know which position on any given play because I am going to be all over the field.  I am also trying to get faster out of my breaks, be more fluent catching the ball over my shoulder and things like that."

Short of lining up in the backfield, which Hart wouldn't completely deny might happen; you could expect to see Hart at a few different spots on the field on any given play on offense.  Hart is also going to play a couple of positions on defense.

"I will be from wide receiver to slot receiver to tight end next to the tackle on offense and on defense I will be at defensive end to outside linebacker.  I will be doing a lot of different things for the team."

Since committing to Nebraska Hart says that he's basically blown off other schools trying to contact him.  There was one offer that came in after Hart committed to Nebraska and it was a significant one.

"Some schools contact me, but I just don't respond.  I am really happy where I am at and I don't want to get caught up in anything else.  I am happy with Nebraska.  I have only picked up one offer since I committed and that was Miami (Flor.) after I committed."

Miami isn't just tight end U, but it was a childhood favorite of Hart's.  You might have thought that a dream school could have gotten more consideration by Hart, but he says that he just feels that strongly about his decision and direction of Nebraska.

"Actually, I have been a Miami (Flor.) fan all my life.  I grew up a Miami fan.  The offer from Miami didn't even faze me.  I am so happy with Nebraska.  I am confident with how Nebraska is developing.  I love to coaches there.  I love the Big Ten. 

"The offer was a dream from Miami because they don't recruit the Midwest or Ohio all that much.  It meant a lot of me because it was an accomplishment or a goal, but I didn't even consider it because I am happy where I am at."

There is no question that the 2013 class for Nebraska is very tight.  Talk to any of them and they will tell you that they all talk to one another.  Hart says that if they were all living in the same town that they would all hang out with one another.

"I talk to Christian Lacouture a lot, I talk to A.J. Natter, Nate Gerry a good amount and I really talk to all of those guys.  I think that we have all become close and are getting tight as a group."

The last commitment for Nebraska was one that Hart was hoping the Huskers would land.  Three star quarterback Johnny Stanton pulled the trigger for Nebraska on June 9th and Hart said that he actually reached out to talk to Stanton two weeks before his commitment to Nebraska.

"Johnny was the quarterback that I wanted to commit to Nebraska.  I secretly wanted him because he's definitely a gamer.  I have been watching his film and have heard what his coaches had to say about him.  I'm excited about him committing to Nebraska because he can make plays with his arm and his feet.

"I actually reached out to Johnny about two weeks before he committed to Nebraska over Facebook.  I just told him that we really wanted him at Nebraska."

    Bryan Munson has worked with Big Red Report for 10 years covering recruiting and football and has covered Nebraska recruiting for 12 years.
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