Lacy focused in on five schools

Come inside as Kenny Lacy reveals five schools who are standing out to him after the summer.

Few high school football players in the state of Arizona are as highly thought of as Phoenix Mountain Pointe High School offensive tackle Kenny Lacy.

He is one of the most recruited players in the state and is also the best lineman. Lacy is not resting on his reputation, however, and is working to become even better.

"This summer went really well," Lacy said. "I wanted to get stronger and more flexible and I did both of those things. Those are two areas I still need to work on, but I'm a much better player now than I was at the beginning of the summer. It feels good getting better even when I‘m not playing."

Although Lacy has been working hard to improve his skills, he has also started to narrow down his list of colleges.

"My recruiting situation has become a little clearer over the summer," Lacy said. "The schools that really stick out right now are Arizona State, Arizona, Nebraska, Oklahoma and Arkansas."

Lacy likes each school for different reasons and says that both in-state school are still strong in the running.

"All of those schools have different things that I like about them," Lacy said. "I'm still learning more about the in-state schools since they both have new coaching staffs, but I've liked what I've heard from both.

"They both think I can help out with my strength and size and think I can make an early contribution. Plus, they're both close, so I'll be looking further into them. The other schools that I'm interested in have reputations that kind of speak for themselves."

Lacy plans on taking his time before choosing a school.

"There's no exact timeframe for a decision," Lacy said. "I do plan on taking all five visits, then I'll make my decision."

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