Update: The top remaining needs in 2013

With a total of 14 commitments, what are the Huskers biggest areas of need at the moment? Big Red Report examines...

Lincoln, NE - Back in May Big Red Report projected the top five needs for the Huskers' 2013 recruiting class, with only five commitments in the class.

The needs consisted of: (2) offensive tackles, (2) tight ends, (2) quarterbacks, (2) running backs, and (3) cornerbacks.

With head coach Bo Pelini and crew expected to take a full recruiting class, it's likely 11 spots now remain, as Nebraska is now at 14 commitments.

So where are the Huskers biggest needs at the moment? Big Red Report breaks down the top five.

Offensive Tackle
Need: 2

Departing scholarship players: None

Reported offers extended: 15

Pictured: Kenny Lacy (four-star and No. 18 OT in the country / planned official visitor)

Notable: After not landing a true offensive tackle in the 2012 class and having two projected guards locked up in 2013, Nebraska is in need of a couple future starters on the outside. It's likely Tyler Moore and Andrew Rodriguez start at the position this fall, and both have at least another year to play. Meaning Nebraska will be able to bring along a few tackles slowly. They don't want to get in a situation where they are playing young guys again.

Need: 2

Departing scholarship players: Antonio Bell (possible starter)

Reported offers extended: 17

Pictured: Priest Willis (five-star and No. 3 CB in the country)

Notable: Nebraska recruited multiple athletes in the 2012 class who are likely to start their career at cornerback position, but the Huskers failed to land a true high school corner in February. Pelini's defense is a challenge to understand and Nebraska loses four scholarship corners after the 2013 season. Unless the coaching staff is willing to have true freshman involved in 2014, the time is now to bring in young talent to develop. Of course all this could change if former Auburn cornerback Jonathan Rose decides to transfer to Lincoln.

Running Back
Need: 2

Departing scholarship players: Rex Burkhead (starter)

Reported offers extended: 13

Pictured: Terrell Newby (three-star and No. 40 RB in the country)

Notable: With Braylon Heard's likely full-time move back to running back, the need is not as big as it was two weeks ago, but Heard will already be a junior next season. So will Ameer Abdullah. In addition, all signs point to true freshman Imani Cross playing this year. It's really easy to say these guys have a few years left, but Nebraska needs to stalk the cabinet for a few years down the line.

Defensive Tackle
Need: 2

Departing scholarship players: Baker Steinkuhler (starter)

Reported offers extended: 14

Pictured: Toby Johnson (four-star juco DT)

Notable: After Nebraska landed Vincent Valentine and Aaron Curry late in the 2012 recruiting class, it appeared the position was looking very solid, with guys like Kevin Williams, Todd Peat Jr., and Chase Rome waiting in the wings. But all three did not practice this spring and while Rome is expected to be a contending starter on the line, Todd Peat Jr. (former four-star) didn't even make the 105. With a full class, the Huskers better be safe and bring in a couple defensive tackles – especially one of the junior college variety.

Need: 2

Departing scholarship players: Daimion Stafford (starter), P.J. Smith (projected starter), Courtney Osborne

Reported offers extended: 15

Pictured: Mackenro Alexander (three-star and No. 81 safety in the country)

Notable: While it might appear Nebraska already has two committed safeties, with three likely in the class, Big Red Report projects Nathan Gerry will eventually be a linebacker. Meaning Nebraska needs two more guys to replace three departing seniors. The only problem is most of the reported offers have committed elsewhere or don't appear to be too interested in Nebraska. Expect more offers to the position to go out soon.

Josh Harvey has covered college football and recruiting for Fox Sports & Scout.com since 2008. He is now the Publisher of Big Red Report, covering Nebraska athletics.
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