Is USF in the mix for Nebraska's Tyler Moore?

With Nebraska offensive lineman Tyler Moore announcing he's transferring to be closer to his home in Florida, where he ends up is a hot topic. The former 4-star tackle had dozens of D-end, offers wants to return to Florida, but are the Bulls in the mix. Read on for all the details.

Another top local prospect, former Countryside star tackle Tyler Moore, who signed with Nebraska and was recruited many, may be transferring from Nebraska. What happens next is the big question and are the Bulls a possibility is what USF fans are wondering.

Moore was a 4-star prospect rated the No. 15th best tackle in the country, was the top o-lineman in Florida in 2011 and had bunches of offers before signing with Nebraska.
The 6'6 305 former US Army All-American started 4 games last year as a true freshman, and got all the first team reps this spring. It was confirmed by his former Head Coach Jared Davis that Moore has left the team and is back in Florida.

"I've been busy fielding phone call from schools interested, but with a 300 pound tackle that just got back in Clearwater, that's to be expected," said Countryside Head Coach Jared Davis. "I've spoken to coaches from South Florida, Florida State and Florida, so it's been busy."

It has been confirmed that Moore arrived back in Clearwater late last night and is now with his family.

"I know they got back late last night after driving all the way from Nebraska," said Davis. "He'll probably get some sleep, wake up and then decide what he wants to do. At this point he's unsure fully of what he wants to do at this point, and will probably take his time, develop his plan and probably decide later this week or the following."

Now that Moore is back home, he'll have discussions with his family, as well as both of his former high school head coaches to see what his best options are.

As of now he hasn't technically filed for a release, but from what I got he has not, but is in the process of filing for his release.  Davis implied that the Florida schools have the best shot at the former local star.

"I would say that all of the state schools are in the running," said Davis. "He's going to sit down, take his time and see what schools make the most sense."

Is there an interest in the home town Bulls as a possible landing spot?

"There is an interest in USF," said Davis. "I don't know what the full degree of interest is, but there is interest." Adding that, "Because of proximity and location, puts the Bulls in the mix."

If Moore was going to enroll in classes this fall the decision would have to be made somewhat quickly. 

 "He's going to have to quickly piece things together to enroll by the end of August. In the next few days he'll decide what he wants to go," said Davis. "There will be a process of him narrowing things down, but I don't think he's there yet."

since this was written John C. Cotey of the times said that USF is not in the mix and Moore may take the semester off and is considering either going back to Nebraska, or going to UF, or FSU...

As the world turns..

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