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Now a senior, Cameron Meredith knows 2012 is his last go around. The senior reflects on his decision to come to Nebraska, along with what this season might hold.

Lincoln, NE - After growing up and going to high school in Southern California, some people might be surprised to find Cameron Meredith located in the midwest playing football in Nebraska.

He admitted to being a USC Trojan fan, but that was mainly because there were so many people that went to his high school that were on the team, one of which was quarterback Matt Leinart. Another thing he admitted to was that when he first came to visit Nebraska he didn't know a thing about it.

"The first time I came out here my mom made me have an open mind about it," said Meredith. "I really didn't know anything about Nebraska.

"Obviously I knew about the football," he said. "But the first time I came out here was my junior year summer, just coming to practice and walking through the stadiums, meeting all those people that played here before and seeing all those names on the wall and the championships, I think that was the main thing that got me attracted to Nebraska."

He went on to explain how the fans during his official visit were really the icing on the cake, and they convinced him that he did want to be a Husker.

Entering into his senior season, Meredith feels like he has really developed as a player compared to when he first came in as a freshman, and even compared to last year.

"With experience comes the understanding of what's going on," said the defensive end. "I understand defense a lot more, what's going on around me, as well as different formations on offense and what we are playing against."

This understanding of the game will be vital to players on the defense, who will have to mold together more as a team this year than in years past.

Meredith will be graduating this year in December, and earn his degree in business. Although he has hopes of going pro in football, he understands that his degree is the most important thing for him to get at college, because it will be most beneficial to him in the long run.

"I mean that's the most important thing in my mind," he said about getting a degree. "Obviously football is, but you're here to go to school, so you mine as well get that degree, and it's going to help you out in the long run. You can't play football forever."

Through his career so far, Meredith's father has been there to really keep things in perspective for him, and help show him what is really important.

"My dad did play college football at long beach state and he got hurt throughout his junior year," said the senior. "And he got a career ending injury, so obviously his degree helped him out a lot, and he started his own business, so I think he really pushed that on me and stressed importance of getting a degree."

Football has been a part of Meredith's life since he was an eight year old boy playing flag football, and although he understands football isn't everything and won't last forever, he is not quite ready to give it up.

- Josh Harvey -

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