BRR Q&A: Antonio Bell

Antonio Bell is fighting for a starting cornerback job this season. So why does everyone seem to forget about him? The senior talks with Big Red Report about playing motivated.

How did the scrimmage go on Saturday?

Bell: "It went pretty good. We did some good things and we did some things we need to work on. As a secondary, we know where we need to be, but we have a long ways to go. I'm pretty excited though about the direction we are going and the excitement with effort we are putting out there."

Was their rotation on the defense? Or was it eleven guys on the first team, eleven guys on the second?

Bell: "Everybody was getting subbed in. Guys were working with the first and second team or the second and third team. Everybody almost get reps with every team."

How did you do personally?

Bell: "I think I did pretty good. After I watched some of the film, I was doing my job technique wise and with my assignment. Going into the scrimmage, I wanted to avoid trying to do too much. I just wanted to do my job and be where I was supposed to be. That's all I can ask for. When you go in looking for two or three picks, it messes with your game. I had to keep a level head and go out and do what I'm supposed to and stuff will come."

Do you get a chip on your shoulder when people talk about replacing guys like Prince or Dennard and your name doesn't come up? When they are talking about young guys who need to step up when you're a senior? It seems like your name doesn't get mentioned a lot?

Bell: "It doesn't really bother me, at the end of the day everyone has to do their job, but it sort of motivates me. When guys are talking about the ins and outs of the secondary, basing their stuff of their own opinions, it doesn't affect me. Guys on this team know what I can do and I know what they can do. That's the only thing that matters. The talk outside of here doesn't matter."

When Bo talks about the secondary, he mentions you a lot. Right before camp, he mentioned that if you guys were playing a game tomorrow, you would be one of his guys. Does that give you a confidence that maybe you haven't had in previous years?

Bell: "It really does, it's a blessing. It's a wonderful opportunity to have Coach say that about me and it makes me want to keep working hard. I don't want to let Coach Bo down. I'm putting in more work and going all out for a coach like that. He's a guy you don't want to disappoint."

You are a senior, has it sunk in yet? Do you have something inside you is my time?

Bell: "I think about it everyday. The first day of camp I kept thinking, this is my last first practice here, but I'm adjusting to it. At first I was trying to hurry, saying that I got to do this and that, but now I'm relaxing and doing what I'm supposed to do. When I let it come to me like that, everything will work out for me."

Josh Harvey has covered college football and recruiting for Fox Sports & since 2008. He is now the Publisher of Big Red Report, covering Nebraska athletics.
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