Offense still could get quicker

A healthy Kyler Reed means Nebraska's offense should be better in 2012 and from the sounds of it, it's already quicker.

Entering into the second year of offensive coordinator Tim Beck's system, the players will know more plays, feel more comfortable, and be able to do more offensively than in years past.

This makes senior tight end Kyler Reed, who is known as a speed guy and likes to play the game fast, very happy.

"Probably a lot quicker," said Reed when asked how much quicker the offense can get. "I mean we went pretty quick last year, but there's still teams, like how Oklahoma does it, they go very fast, and I just think we can go a lot quicker."

The ability to get up to the ball right away and rattle off one play after another without having to huddle is a big weapon for any offense.

"Obviously get up to the line and run plays like we did last year," answered Reed about what went well in the scrimmage. "We are focused on that because it really tires out the defense."

Not only does doing this tire out the defense, but also it gives the offense multiple mismatches. Since Nebraska is continuously running the offense without a huddle, the defense doesn't have time to change players, thus not having the personnel they want on the field to defend certain plays or formations.

However, if a team wants to run this type of offense with success they must have a solid running game, and more importantly, a solid passing game.

"We ran the ball really well," said Reed. "Which is what we did well last year. I think our pass game really showed we were improved."

Earlier in his career Reed was known as the speed guy, and the deep threat. A guy on the team that opposing defenses would plan against, and worry about when they saw Nebraska on their schedules.

He has a unique combination of size and speed, and coming from the tight end position makes him a mismatch against almost any linebacker. However, this was lost from the team last year when Reed's season was filled with injuries.

"I don't need to show anybody what I can do," said Reed when asked if he wants to be known as the speed guy at the end of his career. "I am ready to get back to playing fast and I think now that I am healthy I can do that, I think I have had a pretty good camp so far, so that was the biggest thing, getting healthy, for me, and now that I'm there it feels pretty good."

Having a weapon like Reed back to 100 percent will add a dangerous dynamic to Nebraska's offense. Combine that with the ability to run a no-huddle offense successfully, and Nebraska will have an offense teams will be concerned to see in this season.

- Josh Harvey -

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