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There are a couple of spots left for offensive linemen in the 2013 class for Nebraska and there is a need to get big and find that book-end offensive tackle. This offensive tackle from California has the size that you look for in an offensive tackle and right now the Huskers are looking good to get an official visit.

Aaron Cochran from Atwater (Calif.) Buhach Colony is feeling the first week of fall camp. The 6-foot-8 and 350-pound offensive tackle says that last week was a bit of a shock to the body with how hard the team was pushed.

"We had our first practice last week," Cochran said. "It hurts. There is just general pain. We worked out really hard. Last week we just did general testing and didn't work out a lot. I am having fun, but everyone is trying to catch up right now."

There were some lofty goals by Cochran this summer to trim down, add strength and get faster. He says that he still feels good about his weight, feels lighter and quicker, and he will have to go both ways this fall for his team.

"Over the summer I was trying to cut my weight a little, get faster and stronger. I wasn't trying to fine tune anything. I just wanted to get better overall. I wanted to get to 330, but now I am at 350. I will be playing offensive tackle and nose guard."

The official visits are something that Cochran has thought about, but it's something that he hasn't done a lot about. Cochran is looking at a few schools for official visits, but his brother is telling him to reconsider one of the trips he's thinking about.

"I am excited about them, but I haven't set any of them up yet. I am considering taking visits to Oklahoma, Nebraska and California. I am not sure on Cal because my brother goes there because I go there so much."

Cochran's decision is going to focus around academics and his major at the school. He is also considering his faith to be a big part of the decision. He would like to find a church and a couple of on-campus organizations that he could be part of.

"My major is important. I will do something like computer sciences; the opportunities that will be there after college. Also the campus life and how comfortable I am on campus because I will be there four or five years. Plus a church near campus and a group on campus like Athletes In Action or FCA."

There is one other factor that maybe isn't something that Cochran is concerned with, but his mom is. Distance from home is something that Cochran says he can overlook, but it's clear that his mom would like to keep her son close by.

"Distance isn't a big thing for me, but it is for my mom. She really wants me to stay close. But, if the school is a good fit for me then I am not going to care how far it is."

Bryan Munson has worked with Big Red Report for 10 years covering recruiting and football and has covered Nebraska recruiting for 12 years.
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