Committed to offseason work

Nebraska quarterback Taylor Martinez is trying to avoid reverting to bad habits.

It has been well documented throughout the summer Nebraska quarterback Taylor Martinez has been working on his throwing mechanics and footwork in the offseason to try to better his game.

When you are learning something new, however, sometimes it's hard to stick with that new thing. In football especially, when you become under pressure, or you are worn down and tired, your body will usually revert back to your old habits because its more comfortable with them.

In the heat of fall practice this year, getting worn down is something that will happen, but luckily for Martinez, he has people around him to help keep him on the right track.

"Just a little bit," said Martinez when asked if it's hard to stick with his new footwork when he gets worn down. "But I think the main thing for me is to keep going back and relying on the footwork I have been working on for the past whole summer and winter.

"Coach Beck and Joe Ganz, they remind me all the time," he said. "Maybe if I do something wrong they will be like hey you are doing this wrong, or something like that, so always there is someone in my ear saying stuff."

Always having people around to help him out has been huge for Martinez and his development, and having a guy like graduate assistant coach Joe Ganz, who was once a record setting quarterback, there to help him is huge.

"It's awesome, because I love Joe Ganz and he's a great coach," said Martinez. "He's been awesome for these past few days.

"Right now in these past few days he's helped me a lot on my footwork," Martinez said about Ganz. "Making sure I do this, and Coach Beck, they are all one pretty much one, so they talk, and help make sure I do the right things."

Having offensive coordinator Tim Beck there for the second year has been a big help to Martinez as well. Since he has had a year with the playbook already, he has been able to focus on the little things, like his footwork.

With all the work he has put into the offseason, and the development of the team, especially the offense, Martinez is ready for the season.

- Josh Harvey -

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