Special teams? Martin says definitely

Defensive end Eric Martin says he's slimmer in 2012, meaning kick returners watch out.

Last year Eric Martin was moved back to the defensive end position, after being moved to the linebacker position, where he originally started his career, around the mid-way point of last season.

Martin made a great contribution to the defensive line in the 2011 season, and his role is expected to increase at that position even more this year. He is one of four defensive ends that are returning with a lot of playing time, and the team is hoping that can be a point of strength in a defense surrounded by questions.

Along with playing on the line Martin is expected to continue to be a leader on the special teams unit. He loves playing on special teams and wants to keep contributing there, no matter what.

"Oh of course," said Martin when asked if he will continue to play on special teams. "That's my job, J.P. is never taking that."

He is expecting to have a more chances to make plays on special teams then he did last year. Last year, he put on a little weight to play the defensive end position again and he said it made him "more tired" because he was "dragging around more cargo".

However this year he has slimmed down a little bit, gotten a little smaller, so should be back to how he was before.

- Josh Harvey -

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