Gerry in Lincoln last weekend

It's going to be a common occurrence for a Nebraska commitment to be at a Nebraska practice this season.

Nathan Gerry from Sioux Falls (S.D.) Washington made his way south to Lincoln this past weekend. He didn't come alone. He brought another athlete who is being recruited by Nebraska, but not by the football team.

"I was in Lincoln on Saturday," Gerry said. "Me and my friend Chris Parker went down there. He's a team mate, but he's being recruited by Nebraska for track. He does the high jump. He loves football and wants to try and walk-on maybe."

The Nebraska team was on the field on Saturday and there was a scrimmage that Gerry was able to watch. He said that he needed to see the difference in speed, tempo and intensity first-hand.

"They scrimmaged the whole time on Saturday which was cool. I wanted to get down there to see the difference between DI and high school. I just wanted to take it all in. It was a neat experience."

Gerry and his Washington team mates are back out on the field with practices three times a day this week. Most players would hate the idea of the summer heat and multiple practice days, but not Gerry.

"We just started three-a-days on Monday. We have them all this week. It feels great to be back out there and have some fun. I am looking forward to being a leader for my team. I am excited about it."

This summer Gerry wanted to do the typical workouts that would lead him to getting faster and stronger. However, Gerry wanted to go a little above and beyond too and he wanted to get a little more technically sound working out in the secondary.

"I really wanted to get faster and stronger. After I lifted weights and ran I wanted to work on the little things. I would go out and work on my back pedal and breaks. Those are the main things I did."

The 6-foot-2 and 205-pound Gerry was all over the field for Washington as a junior and you can expect more of the same as a senior. Gerry says that he's penciled in as a starter on both sides of the football right now.

"I am going to be either as the slot or the flanker, it depends. I am going to be playing free safety, but I will be all over the place this year. I will play some running back, punt and play outside linebacker too. I will be busy."

Gerry pulled the trigger on a commitment to Nebraska just days after he attended Big Red Weekend. He said that after committing there were some teams that were keeping in contact with him, but since then things have gone quiet and he likes it.

"The week of my commitment teams were still talking to me and trying to recruit me, but after that week ended all of the communication stopped. That makes me pretty happy. I am happy to be done. I am also happy that I stay in contact with the coaches at Nebraska and that helps a lot."

While in Lincoln this past weekend Gerry and his friend paid a visit to a pair of Nebraska commitments from Lincoln (Nebr.) Southwest. The 2013 class is pretty tight overall, but the duo at Southwest has been a kind of catalyst for the whole class so far.

"Yeah, when I was down in Lincoln for the scrimmage me and my friend Chris headed over to hang out with Josh Banderas and Christian Lacouture. It's not even fair that Lacouture is on that team, I don't think. They are going to have a really good team."

Gerry isn't that far from Lincoln so you can expect to read his stories about every weekend as a visitor in Lincoln. He says that the Wisconsin weekend is lining up as a big one for all of the commitments to make it to Lincoln. He says that he will likely be there, but his official visit will be later in the year.

"I am going to be at just about every home game except for the two or three weekends because we have Saturday games those weeks. I know all of us Will Pretty much be there for Wisconsin like Marcus McWilson, Courtney Love and Greg Hart. I don't think that will be my official visit though. I will take mine later."

Bryan Munson has worked with Big Red Report for 10 years covering recruiting and football and has covered Nebraska recruiting for 12 years.
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