Brown impressed with Frazier

Nebraska freshman running back King Frazier doesn't look like a walk-on.

King Frazier has had a tough life growing up, but his story is an inspirational one.

He was taken in by a family and was able to get himself qualified for college. He then turned down scholarships from multiple schools to walk-on to Nebraska, and hopefully is able to play one day.

Running backs coach Ron Brown described his story to the one of Husker great I.M. Hipp. Although, Brown admitted he didn't know the entire story of Hipp, from what he did know of it the two seemed very similar.

Such as most walk-ons, Frazier seems to feel like he has something to prove.

"Oh yeah, he's got that," said Brown when asked if Frazier had a chip on his shoulder. "Or whatever you call that word; its kind of audacity, its kind of like I've got something to prove, but God has given him a set of circumstances that probably would have defeated most people, and has allowed King to go through that and I think King's attitude has been if it doesn't kill me its going to make me stronger."

With everything Frazier has had to endure, he definitely has become stronger; in fact, he has become one of the most powerful backs on the team, one to go along with the likes of an Imani Cross, or a Mike Marrow.

"We got some strong guys like King, Imani Cross and Graham Nabity," said Brown. "These are big young backs, physical and tough kids that can hit it up in there."

So far in this year's fall camp Frazier has definitely been able to "hit it up in there". He has shown explosion, and shown just how physical of a back he can truly be. Although being such a young back, Coach Brown still says, "he has a lot to learn".

Although he will most likely go through some growing pains, like most young players do, Coach Brown seemed to think he will be able to make an impact one day, and he is really happy that they were able to get him to play for them.

"He has come through some storms," said Brown "And I am glad he is here, I am glad we got him, he's a great get."

One would have to think, that with Nebraska's heralded walk-on program, and having some of the best academic scores for student athletes in the nation, that Nebraska will be a perfect fit for him.

- Josh Harvey -

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