"ONE ON ONE" W/ QB, Matt Tuiasosopo

Better known because of his brother, Marcus Tuiasosopo, Matt hasn't found himself wanting though, rated as one of the better run/pass quarterbacks in the country, top ten to be exact. Marcus even has a cousin (Trenton) that is a senior this year, playing linebacker, so you can see that this kind of ability just runs in the family. Marcus is looking to run some more this year, while taking his game to a whole ‘nother level and it's safe to say, there are a lot of schools watching.

Q: How many offers do you have right now Matt?

A: "I have quite a bit. I'm not sure how many right now."

Q: Did you have any expectations what you were going to see coming into this recruiting process of what you might see?

A: "Well, with me growing up with both of my brothers going through it, I kind of new, but it's all still pretty interesting."

Q: When you were watching your brother (Marcus) go through the whole thing, did you ever think about what it would be like for you or if it would be you at all?

A: "At the time, I was just like ‘wow'. Watching my brother, I was just amazed and everything has gone so fast, I can't believe I am now where he was."

Q: Do you find yourself similar to him in how you play and he played?

A: "Well, we are both pretty similar. We are both mobile and not typical drop-back passers. He probably has some strengths and weaknesses that are different than mine, but we are kind of alike, because we both ran the option."

Q: I cover Nebraska recruiting and I remember watching the Washington game where NU took out Brock Huard and your brother came in and did a number on NU for 3 quarters, putting up close to 300 yards. You had to have been amazed at what he did.

A: "It was pretty amazing. That was incredible. I was nervous when he went out. It was fun though. Noone really knew about him before that. He was just a freshman."

Q: Pointing to your list and Nebraska being on it, is that correct? Is there an interest in NU?

A: "Right now, I am really wide-open and am looking at a lot of schools."

Q: What do you know about Nebraska other than the fact that your brother passed like crazy on them?

A: "I just know that they are an option team, not a prototypical passing team."

Q: I take it that will be a theme for you or one of the main criteria in that you are looking for a team that really uses everything you can do and does more of what you do best?

A: "Yeah, I am not going to go to a place where they throw the ball like 40 or 50 times a game. I'm going to go to an offense that will best use my abilities."

Q: What about weather? Is that an issue for you?

A: "I don't think it matters as much as people might think it would."

Q: How about location?

A: "That's something I have been thinking about. Right now, I'm not really sure."

Q: Does that issue have to do with being close to home or being close enough so your family can see games?

A: "Well, just being close to home, friends and family."

Q: One of the big questions for you at least will be about you following your brother's footsteps, heading to Washington. Would you say that's something you are seriously considering?

A: "When he was there and I was growing up, yeah, but then I started to realize that what's best for me is to look all over and keep my options open, so a lot of people think I am a lock for "U-dub", but I am open."

Q: Now, we know you can run, but what do you think about the rest of your game as a QB?

A: "That's the big thing. I have been working a lot on my throwing and my strength and my accuracy. I have also been reading defenses and coverages and those are things that I am working on to improve."

Q: What's your favorite play in the whole world?

A: "Definitely the option."

Q: What type of leader are you on the field?

A: "I like to take charge. When I step on the field, it's time to go. It's time to strap it on and take care of business."

Q: What kind of goals do you have this year?

A: "Team-wise, it's always about getting that state title. The farthest our team has ever gone was the quarter-finals and that was when Marcus was a senior, so that's always a team goal to get farther than that. Plus, I just want us to come together as a team this year and stay that way and stay injury-free. We had a lot of injuries last year."

"Individual, I want to work more on my throwing, reading coverages and my feet-work."

Q: Have you even thought about the teams looking at you right now?

A: "Not a lot have I sat down and thought about it that much."

Q: What's going to be the most important things about the college you ultimately choose?

A: "Academics is a big thing and I want to go to a team that's competing for a national championship every year. Also, I want to go to a school that really wants me and they can help me become a better player, hopefully for that next level if I get a chance."

Q: Any time-line on officials?

A: "No, not really"

Q: Do you think your decision on your team of choice will be going through the entire process and evaluating each team and then, making a decision or just waiting until it feels right?

A: "When I know, I will know. It could be tomorrow, it could in a couple of months."


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