"ONE ON ONE" W/ WR, Nikita Stover

Alabama has always had it's share of standout recruits and this year is no different. One of it's best players will be WR, Nikita Stover, a kid that has just about every move in the book and then some. Offers abound, questions galore, attention ever-increasing, Nikita isn't just a senior that will be watched, it will be closer to people flat-out gawking for his final year as a prep.

Q: What has the recruiting attention been like for you this year?

A: "It's just crazy. All these different people calling you and at first, I didn't expect all this. I was just playing football and all this happened."

Q: Was it like that, you are just playing the game the best way you can and all of a sudden, you are getting calls from everyone and their dog?

A: "Yeah, it was just something I didn't really expect."

Q: Every football player wants to be the best, whether it's in a game, a season or what have you. Did you ever think of yourself as one of the best in comparison not just to those locally, but around the country?

A: "Not really. I didn't even think I would be the number one player in the state and they just told me that I was and I was like ‘man'".

Q: Well, the main reason why I called was that you are one of the best and that already begs for an interview, but what we do is verify interest or non-interest in the University of Nebraska. What would you say yours is, if you have any at all?

A: "I like Nebraska and I heard from Brett Byford that it was really nice, but I wanted to check it out to see how their season goes and see what that throwing/running ratio is."

Q: You are obviously pointing to the alleged changes that Nebraska is supposed to be making in their offense, correct?

A: "Yeah, I just want to see what they do."

Q: You are obviously looking for some catches a game, but I was curious as to what you thought was ideal. Do you have a number of receptions you want or would like to have a game at the collegiate level?

A: "I just want a chance to play and be in there the whole game and if the ball comes my way, I am going to make plays. I'm looking to have the ball."

Q: So, with that mind-set, you are just looking to see some balance in the offense you are looking at and make sure you are not just some glorified blocker.

A: "Yeah, that's exactly what it is. I've already been there for three years really, in high school."

Q: Describe to me Nikita Stover the receiver. What can you do?

A: "I can out-jump the cornerback. I got the size and speed. I am going to catch it if it comes my way."

Q: What type of routes do you prefer? Flys, hitches, posts, seam, fades?

A: "I like the posts and the hitches. I can do the fades and it doesn't bother me, but I would rather run the short stuff and over the middle."

Q: How many offers do you have right now?

A: "12."

Q: Outside of our current list, who else do you have offers from?

A: "Clemson, Ole Miss, Miss. State, Auburn and I can't remember the rest."

Q: Because most of the offers you have are from the souther region, I would be curious if that's your preference, to remain in the south.

A: "Nahh, it doesn't matter to me. I am just looking for somewhere to play and get the ball."

Q: Speaking of playing time, are you going to be looking at depth charts throughout this process?

A: "Yep, that's exactly what I am looking at."

Q: How much is Nebraska looking at you?

A: "They write me everyday most of the time, so I guess I am looking at them pretty hard."

Q: Looking at Nebraska, if they do end up utilizing an offense that you think fits what you do, but at least in respect to this year, that doesn't translate to wins in the first year of them doing this, will that hurt them in your eyes?

A: "Yeah, that will because we went through that here and the first year, we won three games and the next year, we won nine games and this last year, we won 12 games, so it isn't so much about the passing as it is the wins."

Q: So, regardless of what you want as far as getting the ball a lot, the team you go to has to have a chance to win titles, whether it's conference or national."

A: "Yeah, be shown on TV and getting some exposure and good teams get that."

Q: Is there any idea of your officials and when you want to take those?

A: "Not really. I haven't thought about it."

Q: And you haven't really narrowed your list at all or aren't looking at any particular teams?

A: "No, I really haven't."


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