Williams setting official visits

There is a need for Nebraska to nab a big-play running back in the 2013 class and there is one running back that has Nebraska high on his list.

David Williams from Philadelphia (Pa.) West Philadelphia Catholic is already in mid-season form. Williams a 6-foot-1 and 185-pound running back with 4.42 speed tore up his scrimmage this weekend.

"We had a scrimmage on Saturday," Williams said. "I had like 275 yards rushing so I did really good. I had 14 carries for 275 yards."

Williams went out this summer and didn't want to focus too much on one thing and neglect other areas of his game. If there was something that he wanted to get better at it was catching the football.

"I was just trying to improve on everything. I think that you can go to sleep on things that you think that you are good at and you get worse at it. I just tried to work on all parts of my game.

?"I really spent a lot of time working on catching the football and really working on that out of the backfield. Sometimes I am in the slot, sometimes I will be a receiver out of the backfield and on screen plays too. My coach is trying to show all of my game and block also."

There are about seven schools standing out to Williams right now. "I would say that my favorites right now are South Carolina, Tennessee, Nebraska, Ohio State, Wisconsin, Arizona State and Notre Dame."

There really wasn't one thing about all of the schools that is the same or that Williams says he sees in all of the schools. He was really looking at a few different things when it comes to the school.

"There was a combination of things. There is the idea of great running back teams, great running back conferences and the relationships I had with the coaches.

"I would say an offense that revolves around the running. It will also be a school that when I visit I am comfortable while I am there and a coaching staff that likes to run the football a lot."

Nebraska is on Williams' list because of their running back right now, their offense and also the assistant coach that is recruiting Williams. Williams says that the running back coach at Nebraska knows how to get his players ready for the pros.

"As you know they have a great running back in Rex Burkhead. They have told me that they are moving to more of a pro-style offense and will run the football a lot. I also have a great relationship with Coach Ron Brown.

"Coach Ron Brown is cool. We have been building a relationship with one another. He knows the game. He's been at Nebraska a long time and he knows what it takes to go and be a professional running back."

This is a big week for Williams. He says that he will take the time later this week to sit down with his schedule and the schools that he would like to officially visit and set up his official visits. Williams told BigRedReport tonight that Nebraska will get an official visit.

"I plan on setting up my official visits by the end of the week. I will sit down with my coach and try and figure out which games are the best for me that line up with the best weekends to see a game at some of the schools. I will be setting an official visit up for Nebraska."

Bryan Munson has worked with Big Red Report for 10 years covering recruiting and football and has covered Nebraska recruiting for 12 years.
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