Linebacker rising the charts!

One of the higher-ranked linebackers out of the "Show Me" state is Arthur Miller. Size, speed, strength and an instinct to play the game, his name finds itself amongst some of the better ones around. He's not receiving a lot of pub now, but based on the offers he has in hand, that's likely to change during his last season of high school ball.

At 6'3" and 210 lbs., you can already picture in your mind a variety of positions for this player without knowing much else about him. The fact that he runs a reported handheld 4.6, that could narrow it down to a couple positions, linebacker being the one that for me at least, instantly springs to mind.

While that may be true in what Arthur plays, he said that schools are looking at him for more than "just" that. "I've been talked to about playing all over the place." Arthur said. "Most are recruiting me as a linebacker, but I have heard safety and running back to."

With his versatility obvious, you don't have to wonder too long before you get a good idea of which side of the ball Arthur likes, simply based on what he says is the game at it's most fun. "I like to hit people." Miller stated emphatically. "I want to run right through them and let them know what's up."

His aggressiveness is only one of his strengths. "They say I can change direction real well and that I have good hips." he said. "I also have good speed to the ball and am pretty quick."

Again, Arthur's popularity has been growing my leaps and bounds recently and it's only going to rise higher as this season approaches and continues, which is why Arthur is receiving the attention he is. With a reported 6 offers in hand from Wisconsin, Purdue, Illinois, Northern Illinois, Iowa State and Kansas, Miller has enough confidence that he's expecting there to be more.

The number of schools that are sending him mail aside from those that have offered him are simply too many to list, but Arthur has some of those schools in mind along with those that have offered him in writing. "I've always loved Nebraska, but if Miami or Florida were to offer, I would have to think of one of them, because I plan on visiting down there if I can, offer or not." he said.

No rush for Miller though as he has a season to play and will take the route that most players end up taking and that's his officials after the season and if he gets that feeling during any one of his trips that, that place is for him, he might just pull the trigger. Miller did state that it could go longer than that though. "I'm open to everyone right now and because of that, I'm really giving anyone a fair shot just to see what they are all about." Miller stated. "I don't have a timetable and I guess I want to make sure I have looked at everyone that's seriously looking at me before I decide where I am going to go."

"I want to make sure I have looked at all my options."

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