Just taking it all in stride

With all the talent that traditionally comes out of Georgia, there are plenty of great players that are bound to get overlooked. One of those that isn't being overlooked, but looks to get even more attention in his last season of high school football is LB, Zach Carter.

The game is simple: Play hard, stay with fundamentals, never give up and good things will happen. That's what Zach does and that's how he treats the game.

That's also how he treats the recruiting process..........., but not yet.

Zach isn't looking at schools too much, because it has nothing to do with his high school season. In fact, he's not worried about it at all. "I'm not too concerned." Zach said of schools contacting him. "I have the letters that are coming all the time, but I play hard my final year and the offers should come."

Zach might be one of those typical, but unsung diamonds in the ruff, being overlooked because of the state he plays in. As Georgia traditionally puts out one huge name after another, some that are good might just miss out on getting that publicity as well.

No biggie for Carter. "I don't worry about stuff like that." he said. "I just do my best, try to get better and play as hard as I can each game. I don't worry about anything else."

At almost 6'1 and weighing just over 200 lbs., Carter ripped off an amazing 4.34 handheld time at one of the Nike camps this summer, so just on speed alone, you know he's being watched. By who though? "Nebraska, Tennessee, Auburn, Clemson, they all are writing a lot and I get letters every day." Zach said.

Does Zach have a preference as to those? "Right now, no, but I think I want to take officials to Nebraska and Tennessee most of all." he said. "I am still looking at everyone though. It's just those two teams that I am looking at the hardest right now."

As you would expect, Zach isn't in any hurry to do anything as far as this whole recruiting process goes. Right now, he really just doesn't care about anything but his team, his season and making it the best experience it can be. "That's all I am worried about right now." he said. "Just going out there and playing as hard as I can and seeing how good we can do. I'm not worried about that other stuff right now. That will come."

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