It's time for some football

Nebraska head coach Bo Pelini was back at the microphone on Monday morning meaning football season is here.

Lincoln, NE - I didn't need to make my way to the sixth floor of Memorial Stadium on Monday morning to find out Southern Miss is a "good football team, who has a lot of talent, and is well coached." I could have told you that when the Golden Eagles were scheduled.

But give me a good typical Bo Pelini quote any Monday and I will be happy with it. Because it's football season in Lincoln and the start of a new season is exactly what this Nebraska football program needs at the moment.

It's time to forget about 2011, the Huskers first year in the Big Ten, a season where most fan's expectations were not met and one that ended on a bad note.

On Monday Pelini didn't give the media much. No answers to who would be redshirting this year. No hint to who his backup quarterback is. Not even a clear-cut statement on the starting center for Saturday. But his Monday presence with a media lunch was a reminder the football season is really here and it starts with Southern Miss on Saturday.

"I expect them to play hard, to execute. There are a lot of unknowns especially when you are playing a team with a new staff, but you have to execute what you are trying to do," said Pelini. "We are going to see some things we probably haven't seen before, but we have to make adjustments on the fly. I know they are going to play hard."

Pelini presser:

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