Coach Speak: Kyle Shortridge

When you find a three-year starter in Florida you know that the player is special. Head coach Matt Dickman from Loxahatchee (Flor.) Seminole Ridge can't say enough about his standout defensive tackle. His coach weighs in on what it's like to have a player like Kyle Shortridge on his squad.

At 6-foot-3 and 275-pounds Kyle Shortridge is a highly sought after defensive tackle from Loxahatchee (Flor.) Seminole Ridge. His head coach, Matt Dickman, says that Shortridge is a special player and will be a three year starter for his team.

"Kyle has been a starter since his sophomore season and we went 10-1 that year," Head Coach Matt Dickman said. "Kyle has a motor that just goes and goes and when he's on the football field he's just a different person. He's great to have on your team as a head coach I am sure that our defensive line coach loves him."

Shortridge told that he gets moved around a lot on the defensive line for Seminole Ridge and that he's comfortable at all of the spots. Kyle and his coach see eye to eye on which position he probably translates better to at the next level.

"He's probably a three technique in a college scheme. What everyone likes about Kyle is how fast he comes off the ball and his athleticism. Kyle will just work and work and get better. You can tell him what he needs to do and he'll just go out and work at it. He also has good grades."

Wake Forest had a commitment from Shortridge following a visit that he took up there. After Shortridge got back some of the realities started to set in about committing so early; like not taking any visits while committed. There is a need for Shortridge, his family and his coach for him to get out and compare multiple schools before making a decision. The first of Kyle's official visits will be this weekend and he will travel to Nebraska. After that Coach Dickman says that there are maybe two other schools beyond Wake Forest that could get an official visit from Shortridge, but nothing else is really set up at this point.

"I know that Kyle is going to Nebraska this weekend. We have talked about Michigan State and maybe West Virginia too. Kyle has about 25 offers so there are a lot of schools to consider when it comes to taking trips. I don't know of any other school besides Nebraska and Wake Forest though that he has an actual visit set up to take."

Bryan Munson has worked with Big Red Report for 10 years covering recruiting and football and has covered Nebraska recruiting for 12 years.
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