He's ready to bust the charts!!

Just when you think you've got most of them covered, they just keep coming out of the woodwork. Meet Willie Young. He's tall, lean, fast and mean and sports offers from some of the most elite programs in the country. Sometimes it takes awhile to find even some of the most coveted of players, but it's usually just a matter of time. Time enough that you still have a great opportunity to get to know possibly one of the better DE prospects around.

At a reported and ever-growing 6'6", Willie Young is gaining size and his popularity seems to be gaining momentum right along with it. With a reported 10+ offers from schools like Oklahoma, Ohio State, Nebraska, Florida and Georgia, you have to be curious as to his potential at the position. If those schools see it, most everyone else can't wait to see it his senior season.

That's Willie's season to explode. "Man, I want to knock the sack mark right off the charts." Willie said. "It's time to take it to a whole new level."

Coming off of what Willie said was around a 10 sack year the season prior, he's looking to put that in the distance with time and a whole lot more sacks.

Though Willie seems to be getting used to the attention now from his performance last year and his sudden-growth spurt over the off-season (he was slightly above 6-4 at the NIKE camp), he's still amazed that this is all happening to him, a kid that wished for this, tried for this, but never thought "this" could happen. "I knew that if I just did my thing on the field, good things would happen." Willie said. "I knew I could do it, but it (the attention) came at me so fast, it really caught me off guard."

That's about the only time you will catch Young off guard as on the field, he's anything but. Using his speed and quickness to his advantage, Willie finds himself effective north and south, but east and west as well. "I like getting up the field, but I can go laterally just as well to." he said. "There's not one part of my game I'm unsure about. I think I am pretty versatile."

That versatility is yet another reason for the burgeoning attention, but despite the rapid increase of pressure from all the schools looking at him, Willie remains undaunted in what really matters. "I'm just trying to put all this attention as far into the back of mind as I can." he said. "What matters is my team and this can wait, because I want to finish my high school career off right."

"I don't want to start thinking about the future and screw up what's right here and has to get done."

Firmly planted, you would say, Willie doesn't have a time-frame on officials and of course, his ultimate decision, but he did let me know that when it comes to all those teams he is considering, Willie doesn't fit the stereotype of most Florida kids in that they are probably going to stay in the Sunshine State. "I thought when I was in Georgia, I would go there, because everyone rooted for them and that was that." Willie said. "When I moved here, I thought I would go to Florida, because of the same reasons."

"After I started getting all this attention though, I could see I had opportunities everywhere, so I don't have a problem leaving the state and seeing what's out there."

Willie reported that he currently has a core GPA of 2.6 and is awaiting results of his S.A.T.

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