"ONE ON ONE" W/ DB, Marcus Walker

He's one of the best. Yeah, I know. It's overused, redundant and cliche'. Ok, I'm melodramatic. So, sue me. But, Marcus is still one of the best. Ready for the "big" boys, he's a player that has the physicality and the mentality to play this game of prep-football at it's highest level. He's done that even though he considers everything up to this point not even close to his expectations. This year, he plans on meeting those. So, maybe "the best" won't be so cliche' after all.

Q: How's recruiting going for you right now?

A: "I'm just taking it easy right now, focusing on my team. The recruiting thing is just something I'm not trying to think too much about. My team comes first."

Q: What did you think of your performance last year?

A: "It wasn't my best."

Q: What do you want to do this year? Any individual goals?

A: "No individual goals outside of just outplaying myself the year before. You just can't ask yourself to get some numbers, because you are selling yourself short. I am just try to be myself, play as hard as I can and be the best I can be and whatever happens, happens."

Q: Now, seeing as how I cover Nebraska, it begs the question about your interest (if there is any) in the Huskers. I notice your list doesn't have them on there, so is there any interest in NU at all?

A: "Yes, there is."

Q: Do you have an offer from them?

A: "Yes Sir."

Q: How many offers are you looking at right now?

A: "About 25 or something like that."

Q: What is there about Nebraska that prompts your interest in them?

A: "They have a whole lot of tradition there. They put a lot of players into the NFL and that's where I want to get. They have good coaches and you know if you go to Nebraska, you are going to play for a winning program, because they have always been good."

Q: One of the stereotypes about Texas athletes is that for some of the best players in the state, it's the University of Texas or bust. Do you find yourself mixed in that group?

A: "I'm not going to Texas."

Q: "You're not?

A: "No, I'm definitely not going there."

Q: Any reason why if I can ask?

A: "It's just personal reasons."

Q: Are there some specific schools you are looking at?

A: "I would say Nebraska, Oklahoma, Texas A&M, Florida State, Arkansas, LSU and Notre Dame."

Q: When you look at a school, what's important to you about it?

A: "Great coaches...period. I want to go somewhere where I know there are coaches that can get the best out of me. They can bring out all the potential that I have and help me get to the next level."

Q: Does the fact that this team or that team puts a lot of players in the NFL stand as a major criteria for you?

A: "Well, first you have to take baby steps. Everyone wants to get to the NFL, but it takes small steps to get there. I'm not even close, so I have to play my last year here first, then college and maybe the NFL. I want to get there, but there's a lot of baby steps I have to take before any of that can happen."

Q: Would you say those schools you listed are major candidates for officials?

A: "I'm just taking everything in right now. I'm looking at everything and trying to decipher everything out there. Everyone needs cornerbacks."

Q: Living in Texas, you get to see a lot of Big XII ball. No doubt you have seen two of the best receivers in the country, Roy Williams and Rashaun Woods. What do you think about when you contemplate covering guys like that?

A: "I think they would be easier for me, because I like the bigger ones. I can get my hands on them and it's easier to get a feel for them, what they are going to do and what I am going to do. Those small-quick guys, you can't get your hands on them. You can't get physical with them, because you spend all your time just trying to catch up."

Q: Everyone Roy Williams has faced, he has basically eaten alive. How would you guard him?

A: "I would press him. That's the way I play. Just get into his body, get my hands on him and try to mess up his timing. Just jack around with him and try to mess him up completely. Anything legal, that's what I would do. I just want to get him out of his game."

Q: When are you taking your official visits?

A: "I'm waiting until after the season. Getting my team to the state championship is what matters right now."

Q: Can you see yourself waiting until signing day to make your decision?

A: "No, it will be around January."

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