Banderas enjoys home opener

It's a small group of visitors for Nebraska this weekend, but there was a fair number of unofficial visitors which included a handful of Nebraska commitments. Josh Banderas from Lincoln (Nebr.) Southwest has seen a number of home games in Lincoln. Banderas gave his thoughts about the game and the other visitors in Lincoln today.

Josh Banderas has become the recruit, recruiting coordinator to some extent for Nebraska. The four-star linebacker from Lincoln (Nebr.) Southwest says that there is nothing like game day in Lincoln.

"I thought that they looked real good," Banderas said. "It's like it always is here, nothing like a good ol' Nebraska home game."

Banderas liked what he saw on defense, but what he saw on offense was impressive. He said that another year in the system has really helped out and that Nebraska has the talent to do what they want to do on offense.

"It was massive improvement on offense. It just took another year of them getting used to Coach Tim Beck's offense. Taylor Martinez is also throwing the ball better.

"We have three running backs that can handle the workload among them. There are also a number of players who can catch the football as well."

Another thing that Banderas noticed were the young players playing today particularly those that will not redshirt as part of the 2012 class. Banderas thinks that there is a lot to be excited about not only this season but for years to come in Lincoln.

"I think that there should be a lot of optimism about the team and the program. I think that the class before mine and my class can come in and contribute.

"It's what the coaches tell all of the recruits. You can come in here, work hard and then prove that you belong out there on that field. They give everyone that opportunity."

Having Banderas at every home game this fall is going to be a tremendous recruiting advantage for Nebraska. He assimilates well into the group of visitors and is quite the ambassador for the team. Banderas said that he thought the two visitors today were really enjoying themselves.

"I spoke with Corey Clement really liked it. I spoke with his dad a lot. It seems that it's between Pittsburgh, Wisconsin and Nebraska. Today was a good day for him.

"I didn't really get to talk to the defensive tackle, Kyle Shortridge, very much. He's a real quiet kid. Christian Lacouture didn't even talk to him very much. He's quiet. He keeps to himself."

Bryan Munson has worked with Big Red Report for 10 years covering recruiting and football and has covered Nebraska recruiting for 12 years.
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