Too much attention?

Will you please leave me alone? There are the few, the proud, the elite of recruits that can say that almost with pride. It's because they are getting it from everywhere. Attention, coast-to-coast, it's like a tsunami of interested parties that won't quit. The good part to that is that means you are wanted all from all over. The bad part is that until you make a decision, it won't get better. Rather, it's going to get much, much worse.

6'5" and 275 lbs. Yeah, that's nice. A reported 4.8/40. Yep, that's even nicer. And, to add to that, Nick has versatility that's just hard to come by. That is best illustrated by the positions he's being offered as. OL, TE, DT and DE. What else can you say?

What does he want to play might be the question you have though, right? "I'll play anything." Nick said. "I just want to play."

"Playing" isn't exactly what Nick likes however. He refers to it a little differently. "You have to be a madman out there." Hayden stated. "You just raise havoc, whatever side you are on."

There's some other havoc going on with Nick as well and that's with the attention. He's trying to put it into perspective, but he admits that it's not all it's cracked up to be. "It's been fun for the most part, but it's a little hard at times." he said. "The phone calls are a little much sometimes."

Ok, chalk one up against me adding to that, eh?

This is attention that Nick knew he would get, tried to expect, but Hayden acknowledges that he's still surprised, even after all the warnings. And, it's not even the beginning of next season and that's when the "real" fun begins. "I've heard all about that from guys that got recruited." Nick said. "They basically just told me to unplug the phone, because with school, football and everything else, it's just too much."

Seeing as how this might be the last time I talk to Nick (I'm joking.......I hope), let's get right to the skinny. Offers, who's offered and who's he interested in.

Ok, offers..........a ton. More than that. We will call it a plethora. Pretty clever, aren't I? Nick refers to his coach for his information on this as he is keeping track of most of the attention and Nike said that his coach reported around 50 offers thus far.

That's both written and verbal by the way.

Instead let's just talk about those teams he is looking at right now. "I'm not looking at anyone right now." he said. "I'm still searching around, seeing what my coach has to say and all that."

Turns out that his coach will have a lot of influence in this decision, but Nick said that his coaches' main advice was simply to take his time and make the right decision for him.

As for visits, Nick will probably wait until after the season and as you would expect, doesn't know where he will be visiting as of yet.

You can take his list for what it is, but look at that as only a reference, but not a guide as from what I gathered talking to Hayden, that could change, if not dramatically.

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