As Harvey Sees It: The top 25

BRR publisher Josh Harvey spent his Sunday and Monday night going through his DVR to watch games from the weekend. What does his Top 25 look like? Come inside for a look.

The Top 25
1.) Alabama

2.) USC

3.) Oregon

4.) LSU

5.) Oklahoma

6.) Florida State

7.) West Virginia

8.) Georgia

9.) Arkansas

10.) South Carolina

11.) Michigan State

12.) Clemson

13.) Nebraska

Beat Southern Miss 49-20

With the new look Taylor Martinez, Nebraska showed their offense is more explosive than a year ago. If the Huskers can survive a few games without Rex Burkhead (questionable vs. UCLA), a run in the Big Ten is likely. The defense only allowed 260 total yards and has to be given praise, after spending a week not knowing what to game-plan for.

14.) Ohio State

15.) Oklahoma State

16.) Texas

17.) Wisconsin

18.) TCU

19.) Virginia Tech

20.) Michigan

21.) Stanford

22.) Kansas State

23.) BYU

24.) Florida

25.) Boise State

Up for discussion:

* I had Alabama No. 2 last week in my head, but their dominance over Michigan proved to me that right now they are the No. 1 team in the land. It's not just their defense, but the offense will put up some points in the SEC of all leagues.

* Everyone has been talking about West Virginia all offseason and I just didn't see it - I do know. They moved up a couple spots.

* Boise State remains in my Top 25 despite the loss to Michigan State. Some say it was an ugly game and have dropped Michigan State. I think it was two solid programs battling it out.

* Wisconsin moves down a couple spots for me. The Badgers might need a couple weeks to get on the same page with their ACC transferring quarterback. They only beat 1-AA Northern Iowa 26-21.

Josh Harvey has covered college football and recruiting for Fox Sports & since 2008. He is now the Publisher of Big Red Report, covering Nebraska athletics.
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