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This weekend in Lincoln there were only a couple of official visitors, but who the official visitors were is what's significant. One was highly touted and sought after running back, Corey Clement, from Glassboro (N.J.). What did Clement think about Nebraska?

Glassboro (N.J.) had a 10-2 team last year and will return all of their skill position players this year including standout running back Corey Clement. Clement, a Pittsburgh commitment, was in Lincoln this past weekend to see Nebraska.

"The visit was great," Clement said. "I saw a different area of the country than what I am used to seeing. Everything is big and spread out until you get into the city of Lincoln and everything is close together.

"I really liked Nebraska. I didn't know that they lead the nation in academic All-Americans. that was a good thing to find out while I was there."

If you watch film on Clement you will see a back that not only runs well but catches the ball well and can also step up and pass block. Clement reminds some of Rex Burkhead. The Nebraska coaching staff thinks that he looks like Burkhead too.

"I am a complete back like Rex Burkhead according to Bo Pelini. They like what I can do on the football field and say that I remind them of Rex.

"Potentially the offense at Nebraska is a good fit. They ask the running back to line up a lot of different places and ask the running back to do a lot of different things. I was impressed by everything I saw while in Lincoln."

Clement came away impressed, but where did the visit rank? It's a long way from New Jersey to Nebraska and that's one of the things that Clement remembers about Nebraska; the distance.

"I give the visit about an "8". Its far away from home, but I liked everything about the trip and everything that I saw. The trip for me was the tough part. There were two flights that I had to take.

"Coach Ron Brown is the coach that is recruiting me from Nebraska and is the running backs coach. He told me to come out and see it and that I wouldn't regret it. He was right. It was a great visit."

Clement has made plans to see Wisconson in September 14th and Notre Dame on September 21st. There is not a date set up to to see Pitt yet according to Clement.

Bryan Munson has worked with Big Red Report for 10 years covering recruiting and football and has covered Nebraska recruiting for 12 years.
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