Alexander Names Leader?

Florida defensive back Mackensie Alexander is talking highly about Notre Dame. However, do they really lead for his signature on National Signing Day? We check in with Alexander for the latest.

As word started to spread about Notre Dame being a possible leader for Immakalee (Fla.) High School's Mackensie Alexander, some wondered just where the Irish stood with the 5-foot-11, 185-pound defensive back.

"I have interest in Notre Dame obviously if you've heard the news," said Alexander. "In fact I've got them at the top."

Having visited campus this past summer, is Alexander planning on taking an official visit with the Irish?

"I don't know," said Alexander. "That is going to be a tough one. Right now I don't think I'll be taking a visit there. I'm still considering some schools and there is still some competition there with Notre Dame, Alabama, Clemson and Boise State.

"Right now I feel Boise State is fighting for second and they are right there with Notre Dame and fighting for it. Also Nebraska is right there in the mix and there is some other schools right there in the mix that I'm going to keep to myself.

When pressed why he feels Notre Dame is his current leader, Alexander was coy.

"I can't go into all of that as I don't want to give that information out," said Alexander. "Notre Dame is a great school and has great academics. The Notre Dame tradition is rare and it's me being me I guess. I've got a good relationship with (assistant) coach (Tony) Alford and (assistant) coach (Kerry) Cooks. Everything is going well right now, but it's a long process and things can change, we'll just have to see."

Looking back at the visit he did make to South Bend, Alexander has solid memories but did he see enough to make a decision without making a return visit?

"Not a decision," said Alexander. "It was more that I liked it. It was cool from what I seen. It was ok and I couldn't complain too much. It was cool."

Are there schools he'll look to take official visits with in the near future?

"Probably," said Alexander. "There are still some schools I want to see. There are also some schools that I've already seen this summer. I've seen Alabama, I've seen Kentucky, and I've seen Georgia so I probably won't go back to those schools.

"I just want to spread my options and look out. I know who is number one right now but I still want to look out at everything and make sure I'm making the right choice and what I'm seeing is the right thing I want to see."

And who is number one?

"The Irish are leading right now, they are the leader," said Alexander.

With a twin brother also going through the process, what are the chances they end up together in college?

"It all depends upon the situation right now," said Alexander. "There are some good looks for both of us right now. We might even official some schools together just to check something out. Pretty much we're going to visit some schools together and you never know because he's my brother.

"As for the Notre Dame situation it is right as far as positioning and playing early and all that kind of stuff right now its good for Notre Dame. There are some positions right now it's the same thing at other places and if we can both get that same opportunity who knows, it might happen it might not. We might visit some schools together we might not. We're just looking around and being patient right now."

As for what makes Notre Dame so attractive at this point and time Alexander got right to the point.

"Playing early," stressed Alexander. "That's the biggest thing right now, playing time early. Being a man early. That is good right now for Notre Dame as playing time early is a big thing for me and their academics. I like them for that and they are a great program so it's good."

As for how Alexander is handling the recruiting process, he feels he's taking the right approach but different from others.

"The way I'm handling it is way different than other kids are," said Alexander. "I'm just being more patient about it and just learning the teams who are really out there that really want you and really need you. You don't see that until later down the line.

"Who is there just to say stuff and who is there just to be there and you'll learn all that kind of stuff and you'll see who really wants you. I'm finding out and laughing at some of the situations that are happening and it's gotten a little crazy. But it's something I'm enjoying and at the same time I'm not worried because recruiting is going to be recruiting as someone is going to sell you a ticket and so you've got to be careful with that kind of stuff."

While some may believe Alexander is being honest in his high interest in the Irish, others may walk away wondering if he's just working a three-cup shuffle trick to keep those calling him guessing. However, it would be hard to believe the Irish would be able to secure his signature on National Signing Day without him taking an official visit to campus.

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