The Golden State exposure

Nebraska might use the opportunity in California over the weekend to do a little scouting.

Lincoln, NE - With a total of eight players on the current Nebraska roster from California and another committed in the 2013 class, it appears the Huskers won't be leaving The Golden State in recruiting anytime soon.

Nationally televised games against UCLA at the Rose Bowl only helps.

The Huskers can't invite recruits to Pasadena. They really can't even say more than "hello" if they run into a prospect at the game. But the exposure can do wonders. As Nebraska recruiting coordinator Ross Els puts it, communities can get excited when Nebraska stops by.

"If we have a good performance out there, I think it will help. If we have a good performance against Ohio State, it's certainly going to help," said Els. "We got some good response from the Penn State game last year. I think part of that was the national television and everything going on...when communities see us come there, they say 'oh, that's a neat program.'"

A total of 39 reported offers have been extended to California prospects according to Fox Sports NEXT, with others likely not reporting the scholarship. Last year the Huskers were able to pull linebacker Zaire Anderson (juco), linebacker Thomas Brown, and offensive lineman Corey Whitaker from the state.

"We've continued to have good success out there. We've had good interest. A lot of good California kids are not afraid to go away. We pick our spots and we've had our success, and I think that will continue," said Nebraska head coach Bo Pelini. "We've got some good football players from out there just by looking at last year's class. We just got a quarterback committed to us from out there. It's been a good spot for us and we're going to continue to recruit out there."

Johnny Stanton, the Huskers only California commitment in the 2013 class, is a four-star prospect and had offers up and down the West Coast, but chose to come to the Midwest.

The coaching staff's plan is to try to get out and visit schools or games while in the Los Angeles area this Friday, but Els says it's still up in the air.

"We have a schedule and know who we would like to see. I think it depends more on how the week of practice goes," said Els. "If we still need to make a lot of corrections or it didn't go exactly like we wanted, we are going to take care of our guys first. If we feel like a coach or two, or the coordinators could take the meeting, we might scatter out."

Josh Harvey has covered college football and recruiting for Fox Sports & since 2008. He is now the Publisher of Big Red Report, covering Nebraska athletics.
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